Fine Print: Tricia Guild Colors, Patterns, and Space

Color temptress Tricia Guild of Designers Guild has a new book out this month. As always the palettes and mix of patterns is fabulous. And, I love the book’s black and white cloth binding.

Tricia Guild Colors, Patterns, and Space

© Tricia Guild: Colors, Patterns, and Space, Rizzoli New York, 2010.  Photos: James Merrell, 2010


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5 Responses to Fine Print: Tricia Guild Colors, Patterns, and Space

  1. I have always admired Tricia Guild. I was once did a Showhouse @ The Elm House in Wellesley. And, use all her beautiful fabric…All in one print. Her Lily print.
    Very Monet…She wrote me the lovely note.
    Great article. ~maureen

  2. I love the vibrant colors and patterns in the shots where the hardwood floors are just left bare. It doesn’t look fussy, just beautiful.

  3. Thank you for this – I have loved Tricia Guild and her company for years…so fresh and stylish – love all her stuff and her fabulous collection for Windsor Castle (I think it was Windsor) a few years ago was great too. I will have to get the book soon!

  4. Promptly putting this on my to read list! Thanks for posting it!

  5. wow! such lively colors. thanks for the share.

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