Montage: Spelling It Out

As I’ve been collecting images, I’ve noticed a handful of rooms with words on the walls. I’ve been quietly (wordlessly) tucking them away into their own album in iphoto. Today, I wandered through Anthropologie on my way to Starbucks for my must have peach and raspberry yogurt and granola. As usual, Anthropologie was brimming with plenty of prettiness, but what I noticed most was the abundance of letters for sale. Yes, the usual monogram mugs, stationary and even hooks, but also individual letters to hang on one’s walls; several well hung displays, in fact. I managed to snap some shots without incident (they must have cut back on their sales staff). Here are the pics, plus other rooms in which the writing’s on the wall.








Top row: Anthropologie, Boston.
Photos: Villa & Villa, Desire to Inspire, Cookie, unidentified source, Roger de Souza, Stylist Selina Lake, unidentified source, Nick Carter, Anna Kern, Villa & Villa, Emily Summers, Philippe Starck, Skona Hem Magazine, Belle Magazine, Honky, Flickr-xsquared, Jeltje Janmaat, This Ain’t No Disco, William T. Georgis, The Goods, Patric Johansson.

And this shot from Domino that I somehow missed, submitted by Style Redux. Thanks!



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  1. Very cool-I’m going to email you my favorite from Domino of a wonderful child’s room with black walls and the child’s name spelled out over the mantle. I always admire the letters at Anthropologie and this has inspired me.

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