Site Spotlight: Nic+Dylan

New York- and Boston-based jewelry showroom Succarra (remember Samantha Faye?) has just launched the shopping site  NIC + DYLAN featuring pieces by up-and coming-accessory designers. Lines include Adorn by Sarah Lewis, Camilla James, Temerity, Kimberly Baker, Sophie Blake, L.O.V. Project, and Courtney Lee Collection. Here’s a roundup of 15 pieces. As you can see, they’ve got that raw, edgy look I adore.


Nic + Dylan Jewelry Succarra


S H O P P I  N G 

1 OROPOPO Luna Bonita Handmade Silk Scarf, $200

2 Adorn by Sarah Lewis Quartz Crystal Necklace, $128

3 Claudia Rowe Callie Hammered Collar, $78

4 Temerity Aurora Brass Earrings with Silver Band, $112

5 Adorn by Sarah Lewis Golden Moonstone Ring, $98

6 Temerity Hand-forged Brass Corona Bangle, $105

7 Claudia Rowe Skull Bangle  $55

8 Evouni Walnut iPhone Case, $50

9 Camilla James Malin Silver Ox Earrings, $150

10 Kimberly Baker Stingray Sterling Bangle, $220

11 L.O.V. Project Handmade Organic Dye Silk Scarf, now $73

12 Sophie Blake Pyramid Studs with Austrian Crystals, $85

13 Alexandra Satine Cow Hair Wristlet, $160

14 Courtney Lee Collection Rex Spike Stud Earrings, $45

15 Claudia Rowe Silver Bungee Wrap Bracelet, $38


 F O L L O W  StyleCarrot on P I N T E R E S T

C O O L  J E W E L R Y  

B A G S + S H O E S

S T Y L E  R I G H T  N O W