ARTmonday: Miniatures at the Cambridge Art Association (A Juried Show by StyleCarrot)

I really hope you can make it to see the “Miniatures” show at the Cambridge Art Association before it closes on Saturday. Not just because there are many wonderful (and very affordable) little works, but because I juried it!

I was thrilled when artist Cory Shea, who is Cambridge Art Association‘s associate director, asked me to be a jury of one for the small works show this spring. I first met Cory over coffee to a ask her about showing her photos at the Art + Cocktails pop-up gallery I put together in Truro last summer. (I had seen Cory’s work at the MassArt auction earlier that year and fell in love.)

I had such a good time choosing the pieces. When I came in, Erin Becker, CAA’s esteemed director and Cory had the 150 pieces laid out and waiting. The process was blind, so I didn’t know the artists’ names, though I admittedly recognized a few. I chose about 60 or so, and later that week Cory hung them. Beautifully. It was a really fun process, and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to do something like this again.

Many of the pieces I’d love to bring home. (As Cory knew when she asked me to jury the show, I have a weakness for small works.) I purchased Hilary Tait Norod’s triptych that morning, and yesterday when my husband went to see the show he bought Giacometti’s Giraffe.

Please stop in if you have a few minutes and let me know what you think. You can follow CAA on Instagram @cambridgeart and my art feed @stylecarrotcurates.

“Miniatures” through Saturday, May 6, 2017 at the Cambridge Art Association (25R Lowell Street just off Mount Auburn Street across from the hospital, Cambridge, Mass.)

Day of the Dead Sculpture By Cowboy Keith

Keith MacLelland, Angel Cowboy, Recycled Mixed Media, $450

Miniatures Exhibit at Cambridge Art Association By Marni Katz

Far left: Bonnie Lerner, Deep in the Forest, Monoprint on Board, $150
Left top: Susan Siefer, Coming and Going, Acrylic, Resin, Wax, Thread, $350
Left bottom: Margaret Sheldon, Landgrove Field, Oil, $225
Right top: Diane Nelson, By the Sea, Acrylic on Paper, $100
Right bottom: Phil Young, Winter Series, Acrylic, $125
Far Right: Roz Sommer, Other Side, Oil on Board, $350

Stephanie Todhunter's Creepy Kid Portraits

Top: Lorraine Agri, Fantasy, Mixed Media Ink and Wax, $75
Bottom: Stephanie Todhunter, Best Friends, Mixed Media, $120 each

Trio of Black & White Artwork at Miniatures Exhibit at Cambridge Art Association

Top: Susan Wood, The Rhinoceros and the Bird
Indirect Drawing on Mulberry Paper, $500
Bottom left: Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio, Chameleon
Ink Markers on Paper, $175
Bottom right: Bob Hesse, Sunflower
iPhone photo on Dyseub on Aluminum, $80

Wood & Metal Sculpture At Miniatures Exhibit at Cambridge Art Association By Marni Katz

Peter Cohen, Shrine No. 2, Welded Steel and Wood, $2,800

Miniatures Exhibit at Cambridge Art Association By Marni Katz WIth Giacometti's Giraffe

Left: Mirela Kulovic, ObjectCandlewax, Ink and Pencil on Paper, $900
Right: David Covert, Giacometti’s Giraffe, monoprint (sold)

Miniatures Exhibit at Cambridge Art Association By Marni Katz

Far left: Kathe Gregory, Twist of Fate, Relief, Found Object, $750
Middle top: Janet Smith, Plum Island, Photography, $75
Middle bottom: Deborah Peeples, Psychedelic Crop Circles, Encaustic, $400
Far right: Steve, LeBlanc, Red Door: North Cambridge
Toy Camera Photography, $95, Juror’s Choice

Hilary Tait Norod Triptych At Cambridge Art Associatino

Hilary Tait Norod, My Beautiful Mess
Oil and Mixed Media on Panel, $300 each (sold), Juror’s Choice

Miniatures Exhibit at Cambridge Art Association By Marni Katz

Denis Wogan, Blue and Ambition
Oil on Birch Squares Mounted on Panel, $125 each

Dr Suess Sculpture At Miniatures Exhibit at Cambridge Art Association By Marni Katz

Rachel Hammerman, The Very Thirsty Caterpillar and After Hour Tales
Polymer Clay, $250

Miniatures Exhibit at Cambridge Art Association By Marni Katz

Left: Conny Goelz Schmitt, Am Zebrastreifen, 2013 and Overview/Weist (diptych)
Vintage Book Pages, $450 and $900
Right: Andrea Oseas, Mono No Aware, Glass, $800

Miniatures Exhibit at Cambridge Art Association By Marni Katz

Top: Anne Beinecke, Pink Boat, Mixed Media, $360
Bottom: Amantha Tsaros, Tropical Sunrise, Acrylic on Panel, $119

Still Life Paintings at Cambridge Art Association By Marni Katz

Upper left: Lorraine Agri, Fantasy, Mixed Media Ink and Wax, $75
Bottom left: Ant Oraloglu, Levitate, Photograph, $300
Right: Fay Lamson Hannon, Garlic, Oil on Canvas, $325

Sculpture At Miniatures Exhibit at Cambridge Art Association By Marni Katz

Gregory Barry, Billowed Isle with Tendrils
Mixed Media, $90, Juror’s Choice Prize

Sculpture At Miniatures Exhibit at Cambridge Art Association By Marni Katz

David Hochbaum, Sleepwalker Tower, Mixed Media, $1,200

Miniatures Exhibit at Cambridge Art Association By Marni Katz

Top left: Lorraine Sullivan, Three Breasted Woman, Mixed Media, $250
Bottom left: Jeanine Sobell Pastore, Leaning, Oil on Panel, $500
Top right: Paul Weiner, Good Angel, Digital Photo Print, $600
Bottom Right: Ronni Komarowj, Desires, Mixed Media, $200

Black & White Photo at Cambridge Art Association

Rebecca Skinner, Stair Detail, Photography, $185

Susan Emersonn's Medical Inspired Mixed Media Artworks

Susan Emmerson
Top: Beneath #2, Ink and Gouache on Paper Canvas and Melded Tyvek, $300
Bottom: Tear off the Skin, Ink and Acrylic on Cut and Melded Tyvek, $250

Miniatures Exhibit at Cambridge Art Association By Marni Katz

Left: Brenda Steinberg, He Dropped the Ball, Mixed Media, $450
Right: Sirapi Heghinian Walzer, Mood Indigo
Mixed Media Encaustic and Collage, $450


ARTmonday: Art + Cocktails Truro (Paintings, Collage, Mixed Media)

Last weekend I held a pop-up art gallery event on the Cape. My husband hung 96 works of art on our very bare white walls. It was so much work, but it looked fantastic, and ultimately everyone had fun. We even sold some pieces.

We hung oil paintings, acrylic on board, ink and pastels on rice paper, collage, acrylic on canvas, encaustic, and others. Styles included graphic abstracts, abstracted landscapes, portraits, marine-inspired abstracts, and more. We also had a lot of photography, which I will post next Monday.

Here is a sampling of work we displayed from 18 different artists. You can check out some installation photos on my StyleCarrot and StyleCarrotCurates Instagram accounts, as well as some artist’s feeds; we used #artandcocktailstruro. If you’re interested in learning more about or purchasing any of these pieces, email me at

Kristi Kohut Striped Rice Paper Painting

Kristi Kohut, Chromatic Harmony #12
Acrylic, ink and pastels on Mulberry rice paper, 11.5×16.5 inches, $840

Abstract Painting By Maine Artist Jenny Prinn

Jenny Prinn, Sun on the Shore
Acrylic on canvas, 24×24 inches, $1,100

Abstract Landscape By Boston Artist Carolyn T Burns

Carolyn T. Burns, Can We Get a Puppy? 
Acrylic on canvas on panel, 10×8 inches, $400

Kishore Kumar Abstract Forest Contemporary Indian Art

Kishore Kumar, Exuberance 1
Acrylic on canvas, 12×12 inches, $250

Venetian Lantern Paintings By Boston Artist Lee Essex Doyle

Lee Essex DoylePrada I Palazzo Papadopoli Turquoise, Venice
Mixed media, 12×12 inches, $2,000

Portland Maine Artist Amanda Hawkins Abstract Landscape Painting

Amanda Hawkins, Untitled 2015
Acrylic on canvas, 14×14 inches, $375

Striped Abstract Painting Taffy By Boston Artist Maureen Holub

Maureen Holub, Taffy
Acrylic and mixed media, 24×18 inches, $850

Collage By Portland Maine Artist Darek Bittner

Darek Bittner, Leaky Boots
Collage, 10×8 inches, $400

Marine Inspired Mixed Media Artwork By Providence Artist Jenny Brown

Jenny Brown, Sea Fairy
Pen, ink, & collage material on card paper, 11×8.5, $275

Abstract Art Affordable Art Jaime Derringer

Jaime Derringer#140821-1
Acrylic, marker, and pencil on paper, 12×9 inches, $350

Landscape Painting By Cape Cod Artist Judyth Katz

Judyth KatzCottonwood, Abiquiu Inn
Acrylic on Arches paper, 30×22 inches, $3,500

Marine Inspired Abstract Painting By NYC Artist Sarah Lutz

Sarah Lutz, Rapture
Oil, resin, spray paint and paper on linen, 48×36 inches, $7,500

Marine Inspired Abstract Painting By Patricia Spergler

Patricia Spergel, Enthralled
Oil on canvas, 20×20 inches, $1,500

Abstract On Wood Panel By Boston Artist Hilary Tait Norod

Hilary Tait NorodOn the Horizon
Oil and mixed media on panel, 40×30 inches, $2,000

Small Portrait on Wood By Boston Artist Stephanie Todhunter

Stephanie Todhunter, Pamela
Photo transfer, metal leaf, oil marker, 6×4 inches, $40 (sold)

Abstract Painting By SF Artist Ellen Levine Dodd

Ellen Levine Dodd, Within Grasp
Mixed media on canvas, 60×48, $4,800

Small Abstract Painting By Portland Maine Artist MP Landis

MP Landis, 16.20
Mixed media on canvas, 10×10 inches, $700

Abstract Encaustic By Boston Artist Linda Cordnor

Linda Cordner, Ocean Morning
Encaustic on board, 12×12 inches, $600

•            •            •

ARTmonday: Winter Works Show at Bromfield Gallery

Over the weekend I went to First Friday in SoWa, an arts district in Boston.  Mainly I went to meet Sydney Licht, who was in town for her solo show “Canned and Contained,” beautiful contemporary still life paintings at Chase Young Gallery, a top Boston art gallery.  The works are wonderful, and  gallery co-owner Sarah Young is so lovely.

I wandered through a number of other galleries, including Bromfield Gallery which has a very appealing (and crowded) exhibition called Winter Works. It’s a  juried show with lots of small pieces by many artists, all priced from $100 to $1,000. (There are many affordable artworks here.) There were several I was very tempted to purchase, and I may go back for at least one. These are perfect holiday gifts. All the pieces are worth a look and there are enough styles ad mediums (abstract & still life, collage & encaustic) to suit many different types.

Here are 32 artworks from Boston art gallery Bromfield Gallery’s Winter Works show.


Carol E. Moses


Sarah B. Shallbetter


Carol E. Moses


Naoe Suzuki


Felipe Miguel


Susan Coley


Joshua Brennan


Sarah Kahn

Tamar Etingen


Monique Scalfo


Tim McDonald


Nancy Marks bromfield-gallery-veronique-latimer

Veronique Latimer

Ronni Komarow


Susan Paladino


Nancy Wood


Sasja Lucas


Slavco Sokolovski

Slavco Sokolovski


Slavco Sokolovski


Virginia Fresina


Stephanie Todhunter





Ruth Daniels


Patricia Busso


Lisa Goren

Nina Earley


Otto Laske


Bredt Handy


Maggy Allen


Jonathan Stangroom


Andrea Sparks