Get the Look: Cherry Blossom Accessories


Cherry Blossom Flower Wallpaper Notecard Tote



1 InkDish Cherry Ink Side Plate, $56/set of 4 at Wayfair.

2 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Phone Case, $50 at SemiSweetStudios on Etsy.

3 Lumimarja Cotton Fabric, $53/yard at Marimekko.

4 Cherry Blossom Market Tote by Modern Newst, $18 at SupermarketHQ.

5 Letterpress Cherry Blossom Folded Note, $18/ten at Crane.



Site Spotlight: Tiny Prints

It’s true that most tasks are best accomplished via email, but I’m a sucker for stationary. I pay my bills online, but I believe in hand-written thank you notes and pretty party invitations. So I was psyched when Tiny Prints signed on as a Style Carrot sponsor. Here’s a sampling of their adorable invites. The designs are cute and peppy, and cover pretty much any occasion, from baby announcements to holiday cocktail parties, sweet sixteens to changes of address, even gift tags and personalized organizers. Have a look at my favorites:

 * tiny prints is a style carrot sponsor *