Get the Look: Cherry Blossom Accessories


Cherry Blossom Flower Wallpaper Notecard Tote



1 InkDish Cherry Ink Side Plate, $56/set of 4 at Wayfair.

2 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Phone Case, $50 at SemiSweetStudios on Etsy.

3 Lumimarja Cotton Fabric, $53/yard at Marimekko.

4 Cherry Blossom Market Tote by Modern Newst, $18 at SupermarketHQ.

5 Letterpress Cherry Blossom Folded Note, $18/ten at Crane.



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  1. mpchouchou

    I have been obsessed and continue to be obsessed with the lumimarja fabric. I used this pink version in my wedding a few years ago and indulged in an orange version for my Thanksgiving table.

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