ARTmonday: Group Show at Berta Walker

Friday night we went to the opening of a group show at the Berta Walker Gallery in Provincetown.Berta represents some of the best artists in Provincetown, including Paul Resika, Robert Henry, Selina Trieff, Elspeth Halvorsen, and Romolo del Deo. I am excited and proud to say that my mother-in-law, Judyth Honeycutt Katz, had six pieces in the show. Five gorgeously colored pastels of the Truro landscape hung in a group on a wall in the middle gallery, in prominent view. Another was up by the front desk. Two sold on opening night; I’d best hang on to mine! Here is a sampling of some of the pieces I liked best in the show, plus a peek at works in Berta’s office.

Oliver Chaffee

Salvatore Del Deo

Left: Salvatore Del Deo

Left: Robert Henry  |  Right: Romolo Del Deo

Romolo Del Deo

Far left: Paul Resika

Paul Resika

Judyth Honeycutt Katz

Judyth Honeycutt Katz

Left: Robert Henry  |  Center: Selena Trieff  | Right: Judyth Honeycutt Katz

Penelope Jencks

Far left: Selina Trieff  | Center top: William Fitts

Sky Power

Erna Patroll

Left: Herman Maril  |  Center: Romolo Del Deo  |  Right: Blanche Lazell

Romolo Del Deo

on a shelf in Berta’s office

Center left: Erna Partoll  |  Center right: Elspeth Halvorsen

Left:  Salvatore Fiumara

Romolo Del Deo

Agnes Weinrich

Agnes Weinrich 

Blanche Lazell

sculptures in Berta’s office

Berta Walker

Get the Look: 34 (Mostly) Modern Sculptures

Bronze sculptures are expensive, modern or new, but there are examples of vintage and contemporary pieces in other mediums, like wood and ceramic, that are well within reach. I love the well-above-my-price-range biomorphic bronze by Antoine Poncet, as well as Kelly Wearstler’s cheeky legs. And the Finnish sheep in smooth black wood is adorable.

‘Crystal Angel’ by Martti Rytkönen for Orrefors, $125 at Unica.
C. Jere Sputnik in Polished Chrome, $99 at Jonathan Adler.
Porcelain Skull by Nymphenburg, $439 at Unica.
Brass Knot, $1,495 at Kelly Wearstler.
‘Totemic Dreams’ with Bronze and Shino Glaze by Victoria Shaw.
‘Pointing Figure’ by Bernard Meadows, 1967, $10,000-$15,000, Sotheby’s
Bronze Legs, $1,495 at Kelly Wearstler.
Black Wood Ram by Aarikka Finland, approx. $615 at Aarikka.
Teak Fish Sculpture by Mike Morgenroth,1979, $24 at Abodeon.
Smolten Mirror by Cmmnwlth, $4,000 at Matter.
Vitra Miniature Wiggle Chair by Frank Gehry, 1972, $130 at MoMA Store.
‘Construction of My Heart’  in Alabaster, $4,500 at Arlene Angard.
Green Laminated Milled Acrylic by Phillip Low, $750 at Moss.
Puppy Abstract by Eero Aarnio for Magis, $147 at Nova68.
Nobuho Miya Iron Birds, $120 at Abodeon.
Briciole Sculpture/Divider by Paola Navone for Riva 1920 at Unica.
Resin Bottles by Constantin & Laurene Leon Boym, $55 at The Future Perfect.
Unglazed Abstract, 1952 by William August Hoffman, $2,500 at Assemblage.
Sputnik by Tony Duquette, c.1960, at Lamberty, 1st Dibs.
Primary Color Cubist Sculpture by Adolf Odorfer, 1971, $8,000 at design/one.
Biomorphic Bronze by Antoine Poncet, late‘50s, $12,800 at Sam Kaufman.
‘Minhir’ by Hans van De Bovenkamp, 2009, $16,000 at Lon Hamaekers.
Kostick Bronze Star, $160 at Abodeon.
Multicolor Acrylic Shapes by Vasa Mihich, $950-$1850 at Galere, 1st Dibs.
Primitive Style African Sculpture, $800 on eBay.
‘Small Boxes #4’ by Mike Wright at Williams McCall Gallery.
Reclaimed Wood Sculpture, $99.95 at Crate & Barrel.
Black Rib Cage in Porcelain By Celia Nkala for Perception Park.
African Fertility Figures, Sierra Leone, 20th c., $5,400 each at Wyeth.
‘The Alexander,’ Stabile, $75 at Nova68.
Wood ‘Ascension,’ by Autin Wright, 2011, bid $6,500 at Grounds for Sculpture.
Brass Salvador Orb Brass Bibelots on Marble, $225 at Jonathan Adler.
‘Some Cords are Feathers’ Bronze by Romolo del Deo.
‘Tangle’ in Chrome by Richard X. Zawitz, 1981, $35 at MoMA Store.