ARTmonday: Finn Juhl’s Art Collection

Richard Mortensen

Last week I was in Copenhagen for the first time on a press trip with VisitDenmark/Wonderful Copenhagen, compliments of Design Milk. One of the highlights was a visit to the home of Finn Juhl, Danish mid-century modern furniture designer and architect. You are likely familiar with his iconic Pelican chair and Poet sofa (now produced by Onecollection and available in the U.S. through DWR). He is also known for his design of the Trusteeship Council in the UN building in NYC.

Finn Juhl’s house, Kratvaenget 15, built 1941—42

In 1942, Finn Juhl and his first wife, Inge-Marie Skaarup, built a house in Ordrup, designed by Juhl. They hung many works by Danish art painters of the time: Lundstrøm, Richard Mortensen, Eigill Jacobsen, Robert Jacobsen, and others. I’ll post photographs of the house later, but right now I today I thought it would be fun to see his art collection. I wish I could identify the artists; I will write to the press person at the museum and add the attributions when/if I get them. UPDATED: I found the brochure I brought home with me which identifies the artwork.

ABOVE:  Richard Mortensen | Jean Deyrolle | Vilhelm Lundstrom | Richard Mortensen

ABOVE:  Vilhelm Lundstrom | Richard Mortensen | Jean Deyrolle | Vilhelm Lundstrom

ABOVE:  Asger Jorn | Asger Jorn | Vilhelm Lundstrom | Jean Deyrolle

ABOVE:  Preben Hornung | unidentified  | Georges Braque

Richard Mortensen | Alfred Manessier | Carl-Henning Pedersen  | Gino Severini | Alfred Manessier


Finn Juhl’s Art Collection
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