Get the Look: 22 Pieces of (Really Great) 3D-Printed Jewelry

I’ve been working on a number of stories about or relating in some way to jewelry, and pieces created with 3D printing technology is a repeated theme. Probably the most well-known, certainly in Boston, is Nervous System. (You can peek into their office here).  Another I really like (especially their “diamond” rings), is a new line out of Italy, MYBF, which I discovered when I wrote about the design shop Maison 203 (look inside here).

There are many more out there. And there seems to be some tension in the design world between metalworkers who have honed their skills for many years, and those who pop out jewelry using the new #D printing technology. Recently, an established Boston jewelry maker said to me, “3D jewelry can work as a thing, but it can be a terrible failure. Some people thinks it makes them a designer. I rarely see work that sees as nice as handmade.”

In some respects, as in any industry, its true. I’ve see plenty of  (sorry to say) ugly, clown-like creations. However, there are many that are well-designed. True, they’re not handmade. But they also don’t have the handmade price. There’s room for both, I think. Here are 22 pieces that work.


3D Printed Jewelry Modern Designs

Jewelry Made With 3D Printer


1 Bamboo Pendant Necklace by Meshu (3D printed bamboo), $68 at Meshu.

2 Soliton Pendant by Bathsheba (3D printed metal with gold plated matte finish), $34.14 at Shapeways.

3 Vessel Pendant by Nervous System (3D printed nylon with UV protective coating hung from sterling silver chain), $40 at Room 68.

4 Spinal Cuff by Fathom and Form (3D printed stainless steel), $270 at Shapeways.

5 Cat Skull Ring by The Rogue And The Wolf (3D printed in stainless steel, bronze infused, gold plated), $60 at TheRogueAndTheWolf, Etsy.

6 Convolution Steel Bangle by Nervous System (3D printed stainless steel, infused with bronze), $400 at Nervous System.

7 Shift Rings by Silva/Bradshaw (3D printed nylon), $27 each at Silva/Bradshaw.

8 Gold Shark Fin Ring (3D printed in stainless steel, bronze infused, gold plated), $55 at TheRogueAndTheWolf, Etsy.

9 Geo Raw Faceted Ring by Timothy James (3D printed and cast in gold-plated stainless steel), $95 at Butterscotch of Brooklyn, Etsy.

10 Spiky ring by 3DPrintImagination (3D printed stainless steel with gold plate), $53 at 3DPrintImagination, Etsy.

11 MYBF Modern Geometric Necklace by Orlando Fernandez Flores for Maison 203 (3D printed nylon) 98€, at Maison 203.

12 Stratigraphia Collection Peaque Necklace by Hot Pop Factory (3D-printed polymer pendant on bronze-plated stainless steel chain), $59 at Hot Pop Factory.

13 DNA Teardrop Pendant by GADesign (3D printed metal with gold plated matte finish), $84.80 at Shapeways.

14 Constructionist Bracelet by MCode (3D printed metal with gold plated matte finish), $152.67 at Shapeways.

15 MegaBlingBling 2009 in silver, gold plated or stainless steel by Mendel Heit, from $77 at Shapeways.

16 Prosoma Necklace by Kimberly Ovitz (3D printed stainless steel), $495 at Shapeways.

17 Jointed Jewels Cut Beauty Necklace by Alissia Melka-Teichroew for byAMT Studio (3D printed nylon) at ByAMT.

18 3-Stocks-Bracelet by Paul Baut (3D printed metal in coral red polished finish), $12.18 at Shapeways.

19 MYBF Diamond Emerald Ring by Orlando Fernandez Flores for Maison 203 (3D printed nylon), 25€ at Maison 203.

20 Sterling Silver Circle Ring by Melanie Lynn Design (printed into wax with a 3D printer; waxes then cast and finished), special order at Melanielynndesign, Etsy.

21 Metal Logo Cufflinks by Shapeways (3D printed in glossy silver), $154.90 at Shapeways.

22 Sparkling Colier2 by Dario Scapitta Design (3D printed in black nylon), $63.36 at Shapeways.

Get the Look: 30 Guest Room Goodies

Today is my debut as a LampsPlus blogger! The topic is seasonal—”14 Guest Room Essentials“—in anticipation of holiday house guests. (Not that I have to deal with this, as we go to Connecticut most Thanksgivings.) I do, however, love the idea of creating the perfect space for guests. In my younger (misguided) years, I thought having a B&B in Vermont would be fun. Yikes.  Instead I try to make our guest rooms on the Cape light, airy, and all around perfect. I suppose one could run into the problem of visitors overstaying their welcome, but since I don’t tend to cook and dance any jigs for them, I haven’t had this issue. : )

Anyway, addition to perusing the pretty guest room worthy offerings below, click over to Lamps Plus’ blog Style Illuminated for a look. In addition to a product roundup, I featured interiors designed by Palmer Weiss, Nicole Hollis, Maria Lladro, and others.

One last thing . . . I just want to mention that I’m in super good company. My co-bloggers include Anne Sage of The City Sage, KariAnn Wood of  Thistlewood Farm, Erin Hiemstra of Apartment 34, designer Rob Levine, Allison Rosenberg of Deco on the Road, Meg Biriam, and my editor, the lovely Lesley Myrick.



S H O P P I N G 

1 Stripe Throw.

2 AERIN Pink Climbing Rose Candle, $58 at Neiman Marcus.

3 Tivoli Model One AM/FM Radio, $149.99 at Tivoli Audio.

4 Coatrack Dots by Tveit&Tornøe for Muuto, $149 at DWR.

5 Glittered Geometry Garland, $38 at Leif.

6 Lean Floor Lamp by Workroom, $1,160 at Douglas + Bec.

7 Conical Copper & Glass Vase, £175 at Minimalux.

8 Natural Wood Valet Stand, $353 at The Bath Outlet.

9 Alyson Fox Triangle Pillow Covet, $34 at West Elm.

10 Cordula Kehrer Wastebasket, $45 at Areaware.

11 Born in Sweden Magazine Rack, $64.90 at YLiving.

12 Worlds Away Lacquer Bar Cart, $1,713 at Zinc Door.

13 Glass Carafe with Cork Stopper, $48 at Serena & Lily.

14 Oak Tray by Broberg Ridderstråle, $220 at Finnish Design Shop.

15 Gandia Blasco Catania Wool Kilim Rug, $650-$1,260 at Horne.

16 Beech Torch by Jonas Damon, $48 at Areaware.

17 Joan Alara Berry Bench, $149.99 at Lamps Plus.

18 Svenskt Tenn Hawaii Pillow, 840 SEK at Svenskt Tenn.

19 Oak Mirror by Rebecca Snelling, $620 at Douglas+Bec.

20 Extra Large Wire Basket, $29.95 at Crate & Barrel.

21 Bird House Bath Tissue Holder, $12.99 at The Container Store.

22 Ribbon Stripe Storage Jar, $58 at Leif.

23 Ferm Living Small Candleholder, $29.95 at House & Hold.

24 Design House Stockholm Family Chair, $650 at House&Hold.

25 Chrome Folding Luggage Rack, $29.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

26 Felt Bin by Mika Tolvanen for Muuto, 79€ at Maison 203.

27 LUDDE Sheepskin Rug, £20 at IKEA.

28 Studio Afroart Coussin Ruperta Pillow, 52€ at La Maison d’Anna G.