ARTmonday: Damien Hoar De Galvan

If you live in Boston and you have even a faint interest in d├ęcor, you know (and love) Jill Goldberg’s South End shop, Hudson. I recently learned that her husband (they’re newlyweds) is an artist. His name is Damien Hoar De Galvan, and he currently has a solo show at Farm, the gallery in Wellfleet that I blogged about a few days ago. (It’s actually why I stopped by there in the first place.) I really like his work. The quirky little sketches look great framed, and the plywood pieces are interesting and appealing.

One day, year ago, when traversing the Tobin Bridge, Damin spotted a multitude of shiny, new VW Bugs, fresh off the ships. This show partly gre out of his pondering if there could be demand for that many new vehicles. Other ideas that influence his work also touch on the theme of abundance, but in a less concrete way – the information that floats through the web – Google, Facebook, YouTube, the list goes on.






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