ARTmonday: Jaime C. Knight and Lena Wolff

I’ve been hanging on to these mixed media works by artists Jaime C. Knight and Lena Wolff since last year (I probably discovered them on The Jealous Curator). This bright and clear summer day seemed like the perfect time to post them. Knight is a grad student at the University of Iowa studying printmaking, and Wolff earned a degree in printmaking at San Francisco State University back is 2003. They showed together at Lake Gallery at San Francisco. First Came Love, which also blogged about the pieces, included a statement from Wolff about the exhibit:

“In the Beginning” features a body of new work and collaborations made by Jaime Knight and I in 2010. Leading up to the show, Jaime and I shared a studio space and worked in response to each other both on individual and jointly made pieces that communicate back and forth in a symbolic narrative. The exhibit includes paper collages, graphite drawings and a light sculpture which draw upon existing and imagined creation myths. Working with elements of light, reflection and patterns of layered collage using a palette of whites, graphite gray and an array of metallic and iridescent surfaces, the work depicts biomorphic mountains, the force of a comet, a haunting tree of life and clusters of expansive constellations.” 

What Was, Is and Always Will Be

(My) Morning Star

Gold Feather

Paper Mountain
paper collage with iridescent oil stick, varnish, mica, and hole punch