Shopping Trip: Brimfield, The September Show

I went to Brimfield today. It was a whirlwind adventure, accomplished between drop off and pick up (could NOT be late on the first day of school). I didn’t set out with a mission. Just to explore and take a lot of photos. Here’s what I turned up…


Shopping Trip: Jill Goldberg’s Brimfield 10

You might remember that I visited Brimfield back in May, tracking interior designer and Hudson store owner Jill Goldberg. I can finally share Jill’s top ten picks! The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine piece, “Antiques Roadtrip,” was published last Sunday in anticipation of this week’s show, which runs September 8th to 13th. I’m going back on Thursday and will source more vendors for you and take tons of pics. Can’t wait!

lettersA-1 Salvage Quaker Acres, Booth 137 These architectural salvage specialists sell random pieces you might need to fix up an old house, including intricate moldings and pressed-tin panels. Jill likes to use this sort of stuff as decorative accessories. I liked the old type boxes

popcAntique Paper Memorabilia Quaker Acres, Booth L 4-5 Tons of really fun advertising posters, packaging, and labels, including uncut sheets of Monopoly money and popcorn boxes that have yet to be assembled. (Great for a movie-themed birthday party.) Jill snapped up several sailboat prints with a breezy, summertime feel. “We found similar ones here last year,” she says. “A designer purchased them before I could get them up on the wall.

copper-cupsHindukush Quaker Acres This was my favorite booth, and coincidentally, the first one at which I stopped. I picked up old wood blocks used to print batik (ink included), and my friend purchased a great looking necklace. He also had baskets and rugs, all from Southeast Asia. Jill picked up a whole stack of these copper vessels, which did really well at her store. She says, “They make great vases, or pencil holders on a side table.”

glovesLansdowne Street Baseball Antiques Quaker Acres, Booth 104 I’m hardly sporty, but I was drawn to the lustrous patinas of the antique baseball bats and gloves here. Some of them date back to the Civil War.

oarsMagoun Bros. Faxons Midway, Booths 8-9, 22-23, 35-36, 48-49, 61-62 Goldberg adores A huge array of backwoods accessories from Maine that includes canoes, snowshoes, oars, baskets. Jill LOVES their old signs. “At one point, my husband had to say ‘Enough,’ but they always sell.” Perfect in lofts and summer houses.

boxes-of-silver-bottlesIndustrial Age Antiques The Meadows, Booth 168 He’s got really interesting pieces from old factories and mills, and knows the stories behind them. Goldberg loved these mirrored-glass bottles, and bought a bunch. Other treasures included glass containers from a science-lab supply company and cast-iron parts salvaged from old machines.

dooknobsOne Stop Antiques The Meadows, Booth 179-186 Rows of light fixtures hang overhead and tables are piled with hooks, hardware, door knobs, and the like, useful to anyone refurbishing a period home.

postcardsPaper Tiger The Meadows, Booth 205-206 A must-stop for any magazine lover (that’d b me!) Noel Buscemi’s booth is chock-full of historical photos, vintage postcards, antique maps, and old periodicals. Jill sources images here for her line of decoupage plates.

tableclJudy Chenille Central Park, Booth 100 Proprietor and seamstress Judy Greason, is all about chenille; even wrote a book on the stuff. She sells immaculate chenille bedspreads and other estate linens. She repairs and recycles her finds, creating pillows from spreads she is unable to restore. She couldn’t help but brag that the Martha Stewart gang often stops by.

penn1Quality Pennants Central Park, Booth 57 Pretty much every alma mater seems to be represented in this perfectly preserved collection of felt pennants and pins. “I would use these in a kid’s room,” says Jill, “or even a funky powder room with a Ralph Lauren vibe.”

Shopping Trip: Brimfield Antique Show

Yesterday I went to Brimfield for the first time! Luckily, I met up with Jill Goldberg with the impeccable taste from Hudson, who pointed me in the right direction. It runs to the end of the week if you have a chance to visit. (And it’s back again in July.) It was a quick 90-minute drive from Boston. Here are some things that caught my eye:













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