ARTmonday: Jacob Kulin

I first came across Jacob Kulin through a publicist for D Scale, designer Dennis Duffy’s furnishings showroom in the South End. She had emailed me images of an amazing tree branch, glass, and steel table that I was able to include in an article for the Globe, and in my post Get the Look: Trees (it’s the very first image). When I found out he is local to Boston, I was inspired to pitch a column on contemporary furniture designers in Boston to my editor in Stuff. She liked it, and I’ll probably do the piece in January. Meanwhile, I learned that Kulin also creates fine art sculpture. Hardly a surprise given the sculptural nature of his furniture. Here are some of his artwork that I particularly like.

Picture 4Untitled 2009  –  Powder coating over aluminum, stainless steel.

Picture 8Untitled  –  Lamp-worked glass beads, steel, anodized aluminum.

Picture 3Windjammer 2009  –  Canvas, mahogany, aluminum, waxed cotton cord.

Picture 10Untitled – Ostrich eggs, acrylic, stainless steel, walnut.

Picture 7Untitled 2008  –  Glass, zebra wood.

Picture 6Aspen 2008   –  Aspen wood, steel, silver leaf over aluminum.

Picture 9Untitled – Enamel over copper, steel, cherry.