ARTmonday: Signs of Spring

Although it’s rather slushy in Boston, it is indeed late March and there are signs of impending springtime. Buds on the magnolia trees along Commonwealth Avenue, crocuses pushing up in front gardens, street sweeping (well actually, that was cancelled today due to the weather).

If you need a bit of a lift on this less than sunny day, how about some spring art? Here are 15 artworks that depict springtime, from birds to green trees to pastel hues.

Branch and Bird Illustration By Artist Amy Jean Porter At 20x200

Rose-breasted Grosbeak    Amy Jean Porter    20×200

Spring Abstract Landscape By Britt Bass Turner

Muffin Top    Britt Bass Turner  •  Artfully Walls

Spring Flowers Still LIfe By Daniela Orlev

Flowers on a Table    Daniela Orlev    Artfully Walls

Birds In the City Painting By Susan Spangenberg at Artlifting

City Park    Susan Spangenberg    Artlifting

Fawn With Butterfly Head By Abby Goodman Spring Art

Animal Hybrid Series (Deerfly)  •  Abby Goodman  •  Uprise Art

Edgy Spring Landscape Photograph With Pink Glimmer

Spring    Disparity By Design UK    Society6

Spring Like Acrylic Sculpture By kal Mansur

Grey Murmur Two    Kal Mansur    Uprise Art

Abstract Spring Landscape By Jenna Bauer

from SPRING    Jenna Bauer    Saatchi Art

Spring Trees Abstract Landscape By Karen Barbour At 20x200

Butterfly Chair    Karen Barbour    20×200

Baby Fox Print By Catherine Ledner

Fennec Fox On Blue    Catherine Ledner  Green Box Art

Spring Cactus Blooms In The Desert By Sarah Eisenlohr

Decor    Sarah Eisenlohr    Society6


From the Flora series  •  Tess Atkinson


Green Branches    Tod Seelie  20×200


One Spring Day    Yukari Kaihori    Saatchi Art

Floral Abstract By Northern California Artist Ellen Levine Dodd at Serena & Lily

Adagio    Ellen Levine Dodd    Serena & Lily   

ARTmonday: 23 Bird Artworks

Since I can’t stop looking at the gorgeous trees around here—yellow, red, orange—they’re so autumn perfect, I thought I’d share the little creatures who hang out in them.  I had a bird as a pet growing up. He was a beautiful gray cockatiel with a yellow head and perfect persimmon circles on his cheeks. He imitated the call of a whippoorwill and also whistled  that, “Hey you’re sexy, babe” whistle, which was pretty humorous.


Fictional Blue Bird, Matt Adrian / The Mincing Mockingbird, Etsy


Bird, Zenitt, Society 6


Northern Flicker, MaiAutumn, Etsy


On a Journey, Jacqueline Schmidt, Uncommon Goods


Boat-Billed Flycatcher (Megarynchus pitangua), 2012
Todd Forsgren, 20×200


Golden Owl, Ashley Percival, Etsy


Brown Pelican, Amy Sullivan, Etsy


Peacock and Friends, Judy Kaufmann, Little Paper Planes


Lovebird #5, Luke Stephenson Photography, 20×200