ARTmonday: Andy Mattern

I spotted this series of remote control photographs by Andy Mattern recently. I find them quite appealing, although in real life I can’t stand remote controls. Our television setup includes five remote controls, each with 50 buttons. That means an infinite number of combinations and no hope of my ever being able to watch TV.

Mattern, who was born and is based in Albuquerque says, “Remote is a series of five photographs that considers the problem of needing several remote controls to complete a single task. To invert the power relationship between operator and machine, the remotes hover and point directly at the viewer.”

Mattern’s remote control still lifes, shot on plain colored backgrounds date from 2009. They’re available as 22″x17″ archival pigment ink prints in editions of 10 for $850 framed through Uprise Art.


DVD Remote Control


Surround Sound Remote Control


TV Remote Control


Universal Remote Control


AC Remote Control

Remote Control Illustrations By Andy Mattern

Remote Installation