ARTmoday: Trees by Patricia Busso

I’m feeling kind of zen today and these Patricia Busso birch tree paintings are reflecting my mood. Patricia Busso is a Boston-based artist with a studio in the South End. (Her bio also says she’s a math teacher.)

I came across her one of her encaustic pieces at the SoWa First Friday event in December, hanging in a juried group show of small works that I thoroughly enjoyed. When I looked her up to see more I found these birch tree artworks.

Some of these birch trees remind me a bit of illustrator Patricia Busso in blue. I’ve also long been a fan of Congdon’s hot pink birch trees—Birch Forest No. 7.

Busso started out as a photographer, but when her camera broke on the first day of an art retreat in the woods of British Columbia, she purchased paints and got to work. I’m not sure if any of these are the result of those efforts, but it seems to me they could very well be.

Here are 10 birch tree artworks by Patricia Busso.











All artwork courtesy of the artist. 

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