ARTmonday: Petter Johansson Atelier Food

Petter Johansson is an artist and art director who heads his own small, experimental studio PJADAD in Sweden. The firm launched IKEAs design collection IKEA PS 2012 with a global multi-channel campaign last year. He recently emailed me about a new project, a still life for the Swedish food lab Atelier Food.

Atelier Food is a project that seeks solutions and innovation through food with cooking, food labs, and discussions. Topics encompass sustainability, energy, culture, urban development, and transportation. The project also link chefs with artists, designers, scientists, and business developers. Atelier Food runs workshops and a restaurant in the heart of Stockholm.

The Atelier Food still life created by PJADD is built on a grid. The still life represents the work of Atelier Food and the connection between food and society. It links the playfulness of the project with its ambitious goals and long-term challenges. In the spirit of the whole Atelier Food project, it is a creative co-operation between a chef, art director and photographer.

Petter Johansson Atelier Food



Photos by Henrik Petersson



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One thought on “ARTmonday: Petter Johansson Atelier Food”

  1. I love the look of this food grid. Food is such an essential part of society, and I’m one of those who thinks food is art. I love the closeup photo, which really zeros in on the vibrancy and shapes of the food. Thanks for sharing!

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