Foodie Friday: BurgerFi

I don’t really cover food. I mean, on how many categories can a person stay current?  I do however happily report on restaurant design. In addition, I get a lot of invites to restaurant openings in Boston, some of which I accept, and it’d be nice to have a place to feature them. And let’s face it, if you follow my Instagram feed, you know I snap food and drink pics when I go out. So, here we go. Since I’m in Delray Beach this week, I’ll start with BurgerFi.

I hadn’t heard of the BurgerFi chain before visiting here a year ago, but now I’m hooked. (As are my kids, because we let them get soda from the very cool machines; normally soda is strictly a twice a year treat.) I don’t know what the other BurgerFis are like, but this one is cool. Sure, that it’s across the street from the beach and within walking distance of our condo doesn’t hurt. But the design of the space is excellent. (The all natural Angus burgers are good, though they won’t do rare, and they skimp on the bleu cheese. The buns are perfectly toasted and buttered, but they’ll wrap your meat in lettuce if you prefer; the hot dogs are delicious; the onion rings are yummy; you can get vinegar on the fries. And the custard. OMG. Plus, they sell craft beer & wine.) But enough with the food. Here are the interiors.


IMG_4523 IMG_4526 IMG_4528 IMG_4530 IMG_4532 IMG_4534 IMG_4536

BurgerFi Delray Beach FL Interior Design IMG_4539 IMG_4541 IMG_4546

BurgerFi Delray Beach Burgers Fries


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