Shopping Trip: Scouting at IKEA

Today we took a family outing to IKEA. (That cafeteria and the frozen yogurt are good motivators for the boys.) We’re about to close on a two-bedroom condo in Delray Beach, Florida, (yes, we are very excited!), and since our furnishings budget is pretty minimal, we figured we’d best check out IKEA. As you know, touching and feeling their stuff is imperative; it’s so hit or miss. I was very disciplined, following the arrowed path, stopping in every department to photograph and take notes as to which sofa might be comfortable , which dining table seemed durable, and which chair wouldn’t wobble. Happily, I think I came away with a few possibilities. I’ll of course be perusing West Elm and CB2 as well, but IKEA can’t be beat in terms of cost. However—and this is a BIG however— I am not going to buy anything we won’t be happy with. Should be quite the challenge.

Here are a bunch of Instagram photos I took today. They’re not necessarily representative of pieces we’re considering for the condo. (Look for “Scheming” posts in coming months.) They’re just slices of what caught my eye.




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