Shopping Trip: Patch NYC x Target

I had planned on getting to the Watertown Target by 9:15 Sunday morning, right after Hebrew school drop off. My husband had other plans that involved packing groceries for Jewish families in need and delivering them to their doorstep, so needless to say, my trip was postponed. By the time we got to a Target—the South Bay Plaza one—it was 12:15. And, I had a serious time limit becauase my sons were eager to watch the Patriots season opener.

There were two areas, designated with both “The Shops” and “Patch NYC” signs: one with some bedding and the second with the rest of the goodies. Not picked over, but not bursting with merchandise. I convinced a twenty-something girl to put the last candelabra back on the shelf so I could snap a photo. The stuff is cute, though I didn’t buy anything. The colors are earthier than my palette at home, but certainly seasonal. The guy re-organizing the shelves said it was stocked full that morning; people definitely came specifically to buy Patch. Yesterday afternoon I finally swung by the Watertown Target (this time on the way to karate), and pretty much the same deal, but less of it.

On a side note, I checked out the Kirna Zabete collection and it was surprisingly chic. I bought a pair of stretch faux leather leggings and almost bought an adorable heart-print blouse, but decided I couldn’t do polyester or whatever it was (in the real world it would have been silk). There was a cute and swingy faux leather skirt, and a great tweed shift with faux leather panels. Fabric was soft and the cut was pretty good. A win over some of the other collabs in terms of quality.


If you’re in Boston, stop by Patch NYC this weekend for their celebration in conjunction with South End Open Studios. Saturday & Sunday noon to 6. The Courtyard at 46 Waltham Street, Boston.

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