ARTmonday: Pablo Manga

I first blogged about Pablo Manga two years ago when I discovered his work at Farm Gallery in Wellfleet. Working with many colors of semi-transparent tape that he layers on sanded wood panels prepared with gesso, this Oakland-based, Berkeley-trained lawyer (!) turned artist creates compelling slashes of color and monochromatic stillness. Gone are the horizontal rays of 2010. Last year he moved into diagonal plaids. His show, “Bold As Love” opened at Farm this weekend.

Mucho Sudor

So It Was

Bold As Love

+  +  +  

P A B L O   M A N G A  at  M Y  H O U S E 

When my husband and I  purchased Pablo’s work two summers ago, we propped it on on the dining room sideboard in Truro.  We recently hung it in our Boston living room, alongside a similarly colored wild landscape  by my mother-in-law. The area has since been littered with all sorts of other art distractions, which I plan to pare down this fall. (That tends to be the resting place for most of our art without a permanent home.)


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