ARTmonday: Martha Rich’s Paintings of Desserts

When I studied art history at NYU one summer, I spent a lot of time at museums. I bought a postcard that summer at the Met— Cakes by Wayne Thibault. I still love his work. More recently, I’ve been going crazy for the work I’m discovering on 20×200, which offers limited edition prints at crazy affordable prices. One of the artists that immediately caught my eye is Martha Rich, whose cake and cupcake artworks are so very fun and appealing.

Martha Rich is a Philadelphia-based artist who works in both the commercial and fine art fields. She says, “Drawing, painting, using words, while being absurd and funny and having a penchant for painting food is what I do.” Here is s sampling of Martha Rich’s paintings of desserts.

Stay Icy

Chocolate Electric

I found delectables on the artist’s own website.


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2 Responses to ARTmonday: Martha Rich’s Paintings of Desserts

  1. What a wonderful, fun and a great new source for up and coming artist.
    Thank you!, ~m

  2. Nice piece of cakes, let me taste it 🙂

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