ARTmonday: Kathleen Schwartz

I knew my friend Kathleen Schwartz (Katie to her friends) took gorgeous pictures of her kids. Their pale cheeks, long mermaid hair, and the idyllic beach and forest settings all added to the images she captured so beautifully. But it’s the quirkier shots that I love, with the girls in their fairy costumes just going about their day, and the interiors from their big old house in Maine, with its high ceilings, tall windows, crystal chandeliers, and sailboat seat. The photo of the yellow living room caught my eye this morning, reminding me of Tina Barney photographs. I started browsing through Katie’s collection and was immediately drawn in.


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2 Responses to ARTmonday: Kathleen Schwartz

  1. I’ve often loved the way Katie takes photos and captures love in a glance.

  2. elanausername

    She’s my favorite photog, and a total inspiration to me. <3!

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