ARTmonday: Debbie Krim’s Fusion Foto Blocs

Last year I finally made it to SoWa First Fridays at 450 Harrison in Boston. I went with a friend to see the work of of her friend, Fernando DeOliveira (more on him another Monday), but of course visited lots of studios. We wound up spending a bunch of time at Debbie Krim’s, playing around with her Fusion Foto Blocs.


Krim photographs elements in nature, often very close up, like flowers, rocks, water, as well as some architectural features, food, and other objects, in black and white and brilliant color. She mounts the prints on 4-inch square blocks (some sort of white laminate/MDF). The images are fun to mix and match, to create larger works of art. The studio is set up as a customer-friendly work room, with blank white walls that you can hang the blocks on in groupings to your liking. I think were were there for over an hour playing curator.

And the prices are very reasonable (about $25/each last year). I purchased a black and white peony that I have on my bedroom bookshelf, black and white eggs that are perched on a shelf in my kitchen, and three ocean vistas, which are lined up on a ledge one next to the other, at my house on the Cape. There is a pre-drilled hole in the back so you can easily hang them on a nail, but I like that they can stand up on their own.

Here are some examples of her work:






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7 thoughts on “ARTmonday: Debbie Krim’s Fusion Foto Blocs”

  1. Her fusion photo blocks are a great concept and they look great on the wall in her studio. I would have liked them much more if I hadent spoken to the artist face to face. When someone approaches her about the process she should imbrace that and not think some is trying to steal her super secret ideas. Instead she said “start by getting a decent camera” and walked off. Her personality is lacking In people skills and like many artists that have been told too many times that thier work is so woundedful her head had expanded to such a size that it barely fits through her door at 450 Harrison Avenue. Debby it is the people and fans that keep your work alive don’t lose sight of that. Good luck in the future.

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