ARTmonday: Vivienne Strauss

I discovered Vivienne Strauss on Etsy last year. Her quirky paintings of fashionable ladies and couples in equally fashionable settings make me laugh. (I love her titles too.) Her work has been featured on a couple of other design blogs, but since two of her paintings are perched on the shelf right above my desk, I thought it would be okay if I too talked her up. : ) Besides, her pieces seem to move pretty quickly, so you may not have seen these images before. Check out her blog, The Artist Side of Vivienne Strauss, for commentary on the origins of her creations.

I own the first two . The others are currently offered on Vivienne’s Etsy shop as either original paintings or limited edition prints.

m“Martin Loved Dora, He Just Wasn’t Sure About All Those Dogs”

cimg7067“Jean, Tillie and Albert Relaxing at Home”

evelyn“Mrs. Evelyn Bradstreet of West Palm Beach with her Dog”

mabel“Everybody’s Talking About Mabel, She’s the Talk of the Town”

luisa“Luisa Gingelbuscher in her Living Room in Budapest on an Early Autumn Afternoon”

mary-alice“Mary Alice and Joan Were Grateful that Dorinda was There So They Wouldn’t have yo Think for Themselves”

margaret“Margaret and Fern, 1949 by the lake”

elinor” Elinor and Clive Arviddson Enjoy Their Morning Coffee, Early Spring of 1933″


“Edna Mae Mueller Drinks Her Morning Coffee and Wonders if Life is Passing Her By”


“Lillian Wasn’t Sure What was Making Her So Sleepy, the Warm Sunshine, the not Very Good Book She had Brought with Her or Henri’s Monotone Voice”


“Iris Higginbotham Crosses the English Channel, First Class”


“Lily Was Almost Positive that Her Cats, Edward and Franklin Talked About Her When She Wasn’t in the Room”


“Iris Higginbotham at Her Upstairs Bedroom Window, London, UK”


“Ms. Olive Gladstone Reflects for a Moment While Warren Almost Dies of Boredom”

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