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Montage: Bedroom Sconces

We spend summers at my husband’s family’s home in Cape Cod, and recently got a little condo in South Florida for sunshine doses during Boston winters. That pretty much (most definitely) means the travel budget is depleted. We don’t, have never, taken a grand family vacation. By contrast, our kids’ friends have travelled to some amazing destinations during school breaks (Israel, Tanzania, Norway, El Salvador, Paris, etc.). My kids have pointed out that they’ve never been out of the country, and have asked for “a trip to Canada, at least” just to say they have.

Spending thousands of dollars for the privilege (?) of spending 24/7 with family is not at the top of my list. On the other hand, I too wouldn’t mind a trip overseas, and who knows, maybe we’d even all get along and have fun. We thought, if we were to do this, we’d start off easy, with London. (After all, until just a few years ago,  a family trip to Target was a challenge.)

Part of what makes travel hard, for me, is that I like a nice hotel. But that’s a huge budget-eater, especially for four. I was thinking about looking into rentals at short stay apartments in London. Does anyone have suggestions? What does this have to do with bedside sconces? Not much. While I was perusing one of those sites, I came across a photo with interesting placement of reading sconces.

When we built the house on the Cape, I installed slightly odd sconces in a guest room—ones that stick straight out above the bed. Not the best idea, as they get very hot and guests hit their heads when they sit up. That said, I applaud the efforts for trying sconces that go beyond the boring. Here are 20 bedside sconce ideas.


London Shortlet


Satyagraha House


Instagram: Kenziepoo


Casa Brazil


CCS Architecture


Brian Atwood’s bedroom by Nate Berkus
Photo by Simon Upton for Elle Decor


Emily Henderson


HK Living

laura fulmine pink bedroom copy

Laura Fulmine


Amy Lau


Cindy Sherman’s Hamptons house  by Billy Cotton
 Jason Schmidt for Architectural Digest




Elin Kicken

tailored imagine-living copy

Imagine Living/Houzz


Arquiteto Piero Lissoni


Home of Trinny Woodall  •  Femina


Flavor Paper


Photographer Sean Fennessy  for  The Design Files



tailored-br-photographer Jonn Coolidge-designEdward H. Fickett  copy

John Coolidge Photography

*           *          *

Modern bedding & bedroom accessories at Dwell Studio >

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Get the Look: 30 Modern Candlesticks

I don’t actually light candles all that often (though my boys think it’s fun to have a fancy dinner with candlelight at home), but I seem to always be admiring candlesticks. I should at least make more effort to light candles on Shabbat! No reason (I don’t think) that I couldn’t use some fun, modern candlesticks instead of the traditional silver ones. Here are 30 candlesticks that will inspire me (and you) to add ambience into winter evenings.





1 Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Elizabeth Wood-Trim Candle Holder 

2 Design by Conran Candlestick Holder

3 Pleated Candleholder

4 Totem Votive Set

5 Michael Graves Design Footed Candleholder

6 Valkand Candlestick

7 Areaware Reality by Harry Allen Candle Holder

8 Ladies & Gentlemen Homestead Candlesticks 

9 Jack Candleholder

10 Nappula Candlestick


12 Lightbulb Candleholder

13 Blomus Brushed Stainless Steel Candlestick 

14 Jonathan Adler Candle Holder, Squirrel Candlestick

15 Arteriors Home Ainsworth Candle Holder

16 Orrefors Totem Balance Candlestick

17 Kate Spade New York Jules Point Candlestick

18 Orrefors Aviang Oval Candlestick

19 Ilse Crawford Ilse Candleholder, $140 at The Future Perfect. 

20 Georg Jensen Koppel Candlesticks

21 Iittala Alla Candle Holder

22 Nate Berkus Industrial Inspired Metal Candle Holder 

23 RabLabs Agate Candle Holders

24 Gideon Dagan Adam + Eve Candle Holders

25 Marimekko Loistava Candleholder 

26 Y’A Pas Le Feu Au Lac Les Perles Candleholder

27 Areaware Distorition Candlestick by Paul Loebach

28 Skagerak Dania Candlestick

29 Menu Weight Here Candleholder

30 Ferm Living Wine Bottle Candleholder

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Montage: 20 Rooms with Crystal Ball Chandeliers

I still have not gotten around to really thinking about what sort of statement light fixture I want for the living room. When we did renovations a couple of years ago, I had the electrician wire it up for something shiny or sparkly in the smack middle of the space (recessed lights and two vintage lamps light it now). The idea was I’d search and save up for a spectacular light fixture. I have long had my eye on vintage Italian crystal floral ball chandeliers like the one in the first photo below. Usually, especially these days, my taste runs towards the more minimal and contemporary, but I can’t get my mind off these feminine lovelies. I’m sure originals are way out of reach price-wise, but I have definitely seen versions of less expensive crystal ball lights. I’ll pull together a roundup of those tomorrow.


Interior designer Penny Drue Baird, Dessins, LLC
Architect David Ruff, Design Laboratories LLC
Photographer Simon Upton for Architectural Digest


Lynne Scalo Design
Photographer Tim Street-Porter for Interiors Magazine


Home of Darcy Miller, Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings
Architect David Mann, MR Architecture and Decor
Photographer Nikolas Koenig for Architectural Digest




Elle Decor


Photographer Eric Paisecki


Better Homes & Gardens


Kravitz Design

Modern Dining Room Gaelle Le Boulicaut

Photographer Gaelle Le Boulicaut


Photographer Nicole Franzen


Applegate Tran Interiors


Photographer Sara Essex Bradley


Russell Groves Architecture


Alessandra Branca

Jean Louis Deniot Opulent Bathroom

Jean-Louis Deniot

Steven Gambrel Living Room Global

Steven GambrelArchitectural Digest


 Nate Berkus
Photographer Roger Davies for Elle Decor 


MADE Architecture
Photography by William Waldron for Architectural Digest


Stylist Ilse van de Meerakker

Sophie Paterson Interiors Crystal Globe Hallway

Sophie Paterson Interiors

*  *  *  *  *

Looking for lighting?
Browse Switch Modern.

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Montage: 20 Gorgeously Organized Closets

Not long ago we made some changes to the main level of our condo. We created a proper entry and spacious, well-organized  closet for coats and such (my scarves and gloves now have a permanent home), added a banquette (perfect place to hang tons of smaller  artworks), relocated my desk to the other side of the floor-through space (much needed), and partitioned the family room with the TV behind beautiful French doors (noisy no more).  We love it all. Thank you Amanda and Jeff of Hark + Osborne!

Now it’s time to focus on the bedrooms. We own the parlor and lower level, which means our bedrooms are in the basement. It’s rather dungeon-esque down there. While nothing can bring sunlight in, I’m certain we can still make the master suite more functional and habitable. It’s a large area with a lot of wasted space. The bathroom is unattractive and we don’t have a bathtub. We have a walk-in-closet with an exposed brick wall. It came all tricked-out with adjustable shelving done by one of the professional closet organizers, but I’ve given it over to my husband, save for some off-season storage. My stuff hangs on an unsightly rod in a niche in the bedroom, with the hall closet right outside housing my shoes and handbags.

I thought I’d start my inspiration gathering process by contemplating closets. I’ve designed three walk in closets for myself in the past, all very similar. I’ve always had the carpenter build the shelves, cubbies, and drawers. This time I may use one of those companies that specializes in custom closets. We shall see.  Mine will not be as lavish as the closets here, but they are a good source for organizational ideas.


Nuevo Estilo 


Celerie Kemble  –  Elle Decor 


J. Randall Powers


Astleford Interiors


Khloe Kardashian’s closet  –  In Style 



Nate Berkus


Bethany Frankel’s closet
Photographer Joe Standart – Traditional Home


Home of Michael and Jonathan of The Shoot Factory
47 Park Avenue


Lee Ledbetter  –  Architectural Digest  


Theodore & Company


Home of designer Miriam Alia of Living Pink Studio


Melanie Charlton Fascitelli, Clos-ette


Closet of Laura Vinroot Poole  –  Domino




Jenna Lyons  –  Domino


Jennifer Eisenstadt


JJ Locations


Meredith McBride Kipp  –  Photographer Laura Moss


Closet of designer Lisa Kreiling, LTK Interiors
Photographer Trent Bell for Boston Home

*  *  *

For more closets (and pretty lingerie) 
follow my BOUDOIR board on PINTEREST


Traditional dressers with deep drawers and feminine white dressing tables offer added storage for underthings and accessories.


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Get the Look: 25 Woven Baskets

I have a storage bin problem—I have so many that I need storage bins for my storage bins. Ridiculous. That said, I’m not really a woven basket person. I can appreciate the art, but I’m not really into them. I have noticed, however, in the last couple of years, that superior examples have been in the spotlight. (Obviously Pier 1’s inventory is forever strong.) With the emphasis on fair trade, back-to-basics, artisans, and the craft renaissance, they’ve been more prominent from a design angle. Interestingly, although they are artsy, they sometimes go hand-in-hand with the industrial aesthetic, as the raw and rustic intersect. Perhaps I should do a Montage, but in the meantime, here’s a shopping roundup of 25 woven baskets, from mass-produced to antiques to those created by African artisans and American artists.

woven-basket-roundup-stylecarrot-1 woven-baskets-roundup-stylecarrot-2 woven-baskets-roundup-stylecarrot-3 woven-baskets-roundup-stylecarrot-4


1 Ukhamba  Traditional Basket, $130 at Baskets from Africa.

2 Handwoven Mexican Palm Leaf Bowls, $110/three at Haus Interior.

3 Woven African Basket, $525 at Nathan Turner, 1st Dibs.

4 Newport Braided Round Baskets, $149/pair at Ballard Designs.

5 Basket by Lois Russel.

6 Aqua Herringbone Woven Basket, $55 at Connected Fair Trade.

7 Distinctive Designs Decorative Round Basket, $64 at Wayfair.

8 Makaua Large Basket, now $54.95 at Crate & Barrel.

9 Fruit Baskets-Large, $48 at Harkiss.

10 Cathedral Baskets, $45.00 — $48. at Harkiss.

11 Blue Date Leaf Baskets from Bangladesh, £20 at Traidcraft.

12 African Grass Grain Baskets, $2,450 at Treasure Keepers, 1st Dibs.

13 Senegalese Recycled Plastic Storage Basket, $98 at Serena & Lily.

14 Funnel Bowl, Zulu weavers, $190 at Baskets from Africa.

15 Red, Purple, Grey Hairy Vessel by Kari Lonning, $575.

16 “Islands in a Night Sea” Basket by Kari Lonning, $1,000.

17 Radiant Flower Basket from Uganda, $39 at Ten Thousand Villages.

18 Fair Trade Basket by Piet Hein Eek, $263 at The Future Perfect.

19 Sugar Bowl with Lid, $20—$35 at Harkiss.

20 Hand-Woven African Hamper, $175 at Connected Fair Trade.

21 Sunlit Fruit Basket, $48 at Harkiss.

22 Nate Berkus Oval Tub Basket, $20 at Target.

23 Round Belly Baskets, $98/set of 2 at Serena & Lily.

24 Roll Weave Storage Basket-Ottoman, $79.95 at Crate & Barrel.

25 Beaded Blue Vortex Diamond by Wayan Sukerni, $84.95 at Novica.

* * * * *


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