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Just In: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Fall Collection

One of my favorite Boston furniture stores and StyleCarrot partner is Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, and not just because I’m friendly with Andrew Terrat, the company’s talented regional visual director. The pieces are simultaneously tailored and feminine, classic and glam.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams fall collection is replete with the season’s most sumptuous home decor trends. Luscious velvets in blues and autumnal hues, burnished brass, matte blacks, and cool marble all make pointed appearances. And of course, they all work perfectly when layered with its sleek case goods and shaggy rugs.

Fall always makes me want to redecorate, and of course that’s best done well before the holidays, given ordering times and such. I’m contemplating a new living room sofa, though that will have to wait until after our master bath renovation, which is finally happening early next year.

However, there is a very tempting sale. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams extended its Fall Sale Event. The entire collection is 20 percent off through October 23. It includes pretty much everything not on clearance, even special order upholstery.

They’ve also debuted a drapery collection with three styles in seven different fabric options including Belgian linen, velvet, and semi-sheer linen. Hardware comes in three finishes (polished chrome, brass, and black nickel) and there are five finial styles.

While you’re contemplating which room needs sprucing up, have a look at my favorite on trend pieces from theMitchell Gold + Bob Williams fall collection

Blue Velvet Sofas + Marble Topped Coffee Tables

Fall Decor Trends Blue Velvet + Marble Top Tables•    •    •

Matte Black Finishes + Brass Details

Fall Decor Trends Matte Black Finishes + Brass Details

•    •    •

Autumnal Hues

Fall Decor Trends Autumnal Hue Furnishings

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Get the Look: 22 Pieces of (Really Great) 3D-Printed Jewelry

I’ve been working on a number of stories about or relating in some way to jewelry, and pieces created with 3D printing technology is a repeated theme. Probably the most well-known, certainly in Boston, is Nervous System. (You can peek into their office here).  Another I really like (especially their “diamond” rings), is a new line out of Italy, MYBF, which I discovered when I wrote about the design shop Maison 203 (look inside here).

There are many more out there. And there seems to be some tension in the design world between metalworkers who have honed their skills for many years, and those who pop out jewelry using the new #D printing technology. Recently, an established Boston jewelry maker said to me, “3D jewelry can work as a thing, but it can be a terrible failure. Some people thinks it makes them a designer. I rarely see work that sees as nice as handmade.”

In some respects, as in any industry, its true. I’ve see plenty of  (sorry to say) ugly, clown-like creations. However, there are many that are well-designed. True, they’re not handmade. But they also don’t have the handmade price. There’s room for both, I think. Here are 22 pieces that work.


3D Printed Jewelry Modern Designs

Jewelry Made With 3D Printer


1 Bamboo Pendant Necklace by Meshu (3D printed bamboo), $68 at Meshu.

2 Soliton Pendant by Bathsheba (3D printed metal with gold plated matte finish), $34.14 at Shapeways.

3 Vessel Pendant by Nervous System (3D printed nylon with UV protective coating hung from sterling silver chain), $40 at Room 68.

4 Spinal Cuff by Fathom and Form (3D printed stainless steel), $270 at Shapeways.

5 Cat Skull Ring by The Rogue And The Wolf (3D printed in stainless steel, bronze infused, gold plated), $60 at TheRogueAndTheWolf, Etsy.

6 Convolution Steel Bangle by Nervous System (3D printed stainless steel, infused with bronze), $400 at Nervous System.

7 Shift Rings by Silva/Bradshaw (3D printed nylon), $27 each at Silva/Bradshaw.

8 Gold Shark Fin Ring (3D printed in stainless steel, bronze infused, gold plated), $55 at TheRogueAndTheWolf, Etsy.

9 Geo Raw Faceted Ring by Timothy James (3D printed and cast in gold-plated stainless steel), $95 at Butterscotch of Brooklyn, Etsy.

10 Spiky ring by 3DPrintImagination (3D printed stainless steel with gold plate), $53 at 3DPrintImagination, Etsy.

11 MYBF Modern Geometric Necklace by Orlando Fernandez Flores for Maison 203 (3D printed nylon) 98€, at Maison 203.

12 Stratigraphia Collection Peaque Necklace by Hot Pop Factory (3D-printed polymer pendant on bronze-plated stainless steel chain), $59 at Hot Pop Factory.

13 DNA Teardrop Pendant by GADesign (3D printed metal with gold plated matte finish), $84.80 at Shapeways.

14 Constructionist Bracelet by MCode (3D printed metal with gold plated matte finish), $152.67 at Shapeways.

15 MegaBlingBling 2009 in silver, gold plated or stainless steel by Mendel Heit, from $77 at Shapeways.

16 Prosoma Necklace by Kimberly Ovitz (3D printed stainless steel), $495 at Shapeways.

17 Jointed Jewels Cut Beauty Necklace by Alissia Melka-Teichroew for byAMT Studio (3D printed nylon) at ByAMT.

18 3-Stocks-Bracelet by Paul Baut (3D printed metal in coral red polished finish), $12.18 at Shapeways.

19 MYBF Diamond Emerald Ring by Orlando Fernandez Flores for Maison 203 (3D printed nylon), 25€ at Maison 203.

20 Sterling Silver Circle Ring by Melanie Lynn Design (printed into wax with a 3D printer; waxes then cast and finished), special order at Melanielynndesign, Etsy.

21 Metal Logo Cufflinks by Shapeways (3D printed in glossy silver), $154.90 at Shapeways.

22 Sparkling Colier2 by Dario Scapitta Design (3D printed in black nylon), $63.36 at Shapeways.


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Get the Look: 24 Fox Furnishings & Fashions

There’s been a proliferation of fox fashions and furnishings over the last year, and the little orange guy is slowly moving into the mainstream. While West Elm and CB2 haven’t embraced the sly guy just yet (the owl is still the favored creature at most larger chains), Tory Burch plastered fox heads on flats, iPhone cases, and pouches, Jonathan Adler has a white one in his porcelain menagerie, and various foxy home accessories can be found at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Here’s a mix of the best from big names, indie brands, and artisans.

S H O P P I N G 

1 Steel Fox Head by Bongo Designs.

2 Alkemie Fox Pack Cuff, $209 at Alkemie.

3  “You’re a Fox” Card, $4 at Rifle Paper Co.

4 Wildwood Square Linen Pillow, $42 at Gretel Home.

5 Donna Wilson Cyril Squirrel Fox, $81 at The Future Perfect.

6 Fox on Bicycle Plate, $18 at kokokoshop, Etsy.

7 Mrs. Fox Necklace by Polli, $40 at Greener Grass Design.

8 Jonathan Adler Ceramic Fox at Jonathan Adler.

9 Tory Burch Fox Ballet Flats, $250 at Tory Burch.

10 Orla Kiely The Fox of Life Bag, $345.99 at Modcloth.

11 Sly Fox Knocker, $24 at Anthropologie.

12 3 Spouts Fox Storage Bin, $31.99 at AllModern.

13 Aubin+Wills Fox Intarsia Sweater, $215 at Net-a-Porter.

14 Fox Pillow by Fauna for Areaware, $28 at Design Public.

15 Patch NYC Fox Dessert Plate, $19/set, $19.99 at Target.

16 The Rise & Fall Sleeping Fox Pillow $29 at Urban Outfitters.

17 Burberry Fox Bracelet, $650 at Net-a-Porter.

18 Foxes Graphic Knit Blanket, $58 at DwellStudio.

19 Hidden Fox Mug, $21 at Uncommon Goods.

20 Bone China Fox Plate, £22 at Donna Wilson.

21 Mr. Frank Fox Pillow by Ferm Living, $45 at Yliving.

22 Saddle Leather Fox Mask, £295 at Fleet Ilya.

23 Bronze Fox Head Bookends at Antiques Du Monde.

24 Fox Tray by Lush Designs for Ary Trays, $43 at Gretel.

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On Trend: 35 Arrays of Arrows and Targets

I’ve been collecting images of arrows and targets for a while; I think I began to notice the trend in the fall. I thought it was a natural outgrowth of the trend of using feathers in decor, but I actually think it is part of The Hunger Games hoopla. In any case, I did a a piece on the arrow trend for The Inside Source earlier this year, and profiled blogger Amanda Hanley, in the Boston Globe Magazine. Put off by the high prices of vintage arrows, Hanley makes and sells arrows through her webshop Quivver. I, along with everyone else, saw The Hunger Games over the weekend, and as such felt inspired to post the roundup. UPDATE: I can’t believe I forgot about my own display of targets… They’re by Tracy Melton, and they’re hanging in our house on the Cape. It’s the first photo on the 23 Wall Installations post.

Katniss Everdeen’s arrows are fierce.

Piper Perabo’s home, Garance Doré.

Handmade, one-of-a-kind arrows from Fredericks and Mae.

Arrows in an armoire at Anthropologie, Boston.

Targets, Lawson-Fenning, Los Angeles.

via baubauhaus

House Beautiful   |  via Apartment Therapy

Trip Haenisch   |  Office door of David Weeks Studio, Brooklyn

Left: Dan McCarthy of mc&co, has a Fredericks & Mae arrow at home.
Right: via norske interiorblogger

Amanda Hanley’s Boston home, Red Whistle Jet

Primitive arrow set with case at Three Potato Four, Philadelphia.

More arrows at Three Potato Four.

Model Erin Wasson, The Selby.

Mollie Campbell Greene incorporated a wooden arrow into one of the mobiles she makes.

via The Peak of Chic

Amanda Hanley’s craft room, Red Whistle Jet.

Amanda Hanley’s living room, Red Whistle Jet.


Danielle Thompson of Thompson Family-Life made arrows for her son’s bedroom.

Arrows at mc&co, Brooklyn via Remodelista.

Anna Korte necklace via Honey Kennedy.



Left: Kate Lindello, Hello Victory
Right: Coral and Tusk arrows print. Photographer Kate Lacey.

Concept Blanc   |   Native Shop, Etsy

via Coloring Contest   |   Native Shop, Etsy

Noun, Portland, Oregon   |   via Making It Lovely


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On Trend: Rock Candy

Last week I illuminated how black & white made its way from the runway into the home. Another trend I highlighted in that article – “Fashion In the House” for the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine – was rocks and minerals. While jewelry and fashion designers are reveling in rough and chunky stones, interior designers are finding ways to bedeck rooms with earthy gems.

Let’s start with a peek at the Spring ‘o9 shows, where Burberry Prorsum, Marc Jacobs, and Roberto Cavalli were just a few of the designers rockin’ out.

rocks-runwayPhotos courtesy of

How is this being translated on the home front? Here’s a gorgeous tableau of home accessories from Good, an exquisite boutique in Beacon Hill, Boston.


I’ve noticed a number of designers incorporating hefty hunks of shimmering, fantastical mineral specimens into interiors. They’re often pricey pieces, but quite magical. (And, a much more interesting and sophisticated take on the preppy Palm Beach coral display.) Boston-based interior designer Frank Roop has a number of beautiful minerals and chunky glass pieces scattered throughout his studio and condo. Home furnishing designers are crafting lamp bases from minerals. I’ve also noticed textile manufacturers getting in on the action, be it with granite-textured wall covering, or stone-like cut velvets.

I love the mineral specimens, and I absolutely adore the jewelry. I’ve put together some translations…


Left: Asheer Garnet cuff by Double Happiness, $180, Right: Pyrite doorknobs at Door Jewels.

rocks-neckl-chandelierLeft: Gracia necklace by Jill Golden, $400. Right: Bubble glass light fixture available through The Bright Group, Boston Design Center.

rocks-lamp-base-pendantLeft: Central Park quartz necklace by BYLU, $500. Right: Chinese Gypsum Calcite lamp by Katy Briscoe, $6,000.

rocks-fabricLeft: Dina earrings in gold plated steel with pyrite nuggets by Gemma Redux, $246. Right: “Les Galets” fabric by Boussac available through The Martin Group, Boston Design Center.


Left: Amy bracelet in steel chains with angled prehnite pieces by Gemma Redux, $272 at  (as seen in In Touch). Right: One-of-a-kind Russian white mineral on stand by FDO Collections at Lee Jofa, Boston Design Center.

rocks-amethystLeft: Amethyst Anthias necklace $335 at Obsidian Jewels. Right: Amethyst cabinet pulls at Door Jewels.


Left: Larvae necklace by Katerina Bogatireva. Right: Mineral specimen from China at Frank Roop’s design studio.

rock-sconceLeft: Stone necklace by Danielle Welmond at Good, Boston. Right: Loomis – Zaffiro sconce, $4,000, available through The Bright Group, Boston Design Center.


Left: Sarah bracelet in steel with large amazonite cuts by Gemma Redux, $369. Right: Glass chunk from Brimfield used as a bookend in Frank Roop’s design studio.

rocks-ring-lampLeft: Oxidized silver and 14K gold rings by Any New York by Naoyo Terada, $330 (as seen in Lucky). Right: Moroccan Calcite lamp by Houston designer Katy Briscoe, $6,000 (as seen in the New York Times).

rocks-turqLeft: Turquoise ring at Good, Boston. Right: Asteria tile made from jewelry-grade turquoise available at Ann Sacks.

Finally, here is a piece I picked up on ebay last night. Can’t wait for it to arrive!



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