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ARTMonday: 27 Rainbow Artworks

In honor of the United States Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, making same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, here are 27 artworks featuring rainbows, because #lovewins.


Charlotte Chisnall    RainbowSociety6


Zee Tucker    Taste the Rainbow  •  Society6


Landon Nordeman    Nice Pants  •  20×200


Jan Sowarby    No.S124 Floating Rainbows    Serena & Lily


Adine Stix    Harbor    Serena & Lily


Cissy Chen    Rainbow Dip  •  Saatchi Art


2sweet4words Designs    rainBOW    Society6


Bridge Fahy    Jibboom  •  Saatchi Art


Carrie Marill    Bird Power  • 20×200


Mel Bedggood     Rainbow Baby  •  Saatchi Art


Timothy Blewitt    Memories Lie Over the Sea  •  Saatchi Art


Ivana Vajman Jackson     Over the Rainbow  •  Saatchi Art


Julie Hansen    With the Waves    Serena & Lily


Jessica Snow    Color Stack Series #5  •  20×200


Lisa Congdon    Lovebirds •  20×200


Serhii Bilyk    I-Horizon (Landscape with road, sun and rainbow)  •  Saatchi Art


Thea Altmann    Home Is Where My Heart Is  •  Saatchi Art


Katherine Blackburn    Rainbow Girls in Brooklyn  •  Saatchi Art


Kristofir Dean    Silvery Sky  •  Saatchi Art


Stacey Meacham    Salt Water Taffy    Minted


Matthew Shelley     Rolodex 2    Uprise Art


Budi Kwan    Uphill Battle  Society6


Kristi Hoodjer    Rainbow    Saatchi Art


Mariana Ionita    Crossing the Other Sea    Saatchi Art


Mia-Nelle Droschler    Rainbow    Saatchi Art


Damian Hoar De Galvan


Corali    RainbowSociety6

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ARTmonday: 10 Variations On White

This past week I’ve been working intensely on an urban development / real estate piece for the Boston Globe, interviewing a number of Boston’s top real estate developers and architects. The other day I had the pleasure of talking with Sam Norod, a principal at Elkus Manfredi. Wrapping up business chatter, we connected on other things, including art. Norod’s daughter, Hilary Tait Norod, is an artist in her late 20s who recently moved back to the East Coast. Of course I clicked over to her website to have a look.

I was drawn to her white abstract paintings. The White Series began as a challenge—with the exception of the black outlines, all the colors on the canvas have been mixed with different ratios of white paint. The shapes in the compositions develop from through layering the paint and other materials on the canvas.

Norod explains her series of white abstract paintings with this statement: White is the color produced by the reflection, transmission or emission of all wavelengths of visible light without absorption. When light reflects off of a white surface the full spectrum of color is displayed, even when we may not see it. However, in the production of white paint there is no use of color.

Here is a roundup of mostly abstract artworks, all in variations of white, and all by artists represented by Boston art galleries.


Hilary Taite Norod, The Black Swoosh
Galatea Fine Art


Bill Fisher, Red Dots
Arden Gallery


Julia Weiman, Reverse II
Bromfield Gallery


Wilfredo Chiesa, White 1 (La Serenissima)
Alpha Gallery


Janice Redman, Immobility Series (Spoon)
Clark Gallery


Christina Pitsch, Flora of Fauna
Kingston Gallery


Suzanne Ulrich, No. 1459
Barbara Krakow Gallery


Danette English, Vase Series #19
Andrea Marquit Gallery


Magda Biernat, Adrift #22
Robert Klein Gallery


Bernard Haussmann,#2249 untitled (Darwin’s Coral)
Chase Young Gallery

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ARTmonday: Adorable Plant Watercolors by Lindsay Gardner

Since we’re all crazy for cacti these days, I’ll share artist Lindsay Gardner‘s plant artwork. I stumbled across them a couple of months ago and thought they were so cute that I purchased one. I had her send it directly to Florida (I  like to have a little present awaiting each time I arrive). It’s just as lovely in person; more so, since you can see the varying colorations of the watercolors. It’s taped up to the wall in its plastic sheath at the moment, but I hope to bring it to the framer today.

Lindsay Gardner works primarily in watercolor because, she says, “It requires a delicate balance of control and spontaneity, often producing unexpected colors and forms what are both precise and imperfect.”  Her work is inspired by colors and shapes she finds in nature (and actual nature in this case)  and architecture, geometric patterns, woven and knitted textiles, eating and cooking, seasons and how they impact our customs and traditions, and family history.

Gardner grew up in West Michigan, attended Middlebury College where she studied art and literature, and now lives in Oakland, California. These are a few of her plant watercolors that depict cacti and succulents in colorful planters and those on-trend geo terrariums.

Cactus Planters

Succulent No. 2

Clay Planters

Rare Specimen

Terrarium No. 2

The Collector’s Table

Lindsay Gardner Succulents In StyleCarrot's Condo

Three Plants taped to my wall. 

Lindsay Gardner

•           •         •

Shop StyleCarrot partners for cute planters + terrariums >

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ARTmonday: 12 Society Photos by Jessica Craig-Martin

“One is never so naked as when dressed for a party.” —Jessica Craig-Martin

Photographer Jessica Craig-Martin is best known for her hyper-realistic depcitions of the lifestyles of the rich and famous for being rich. Society photography raised to an at times grotesque art form. At other times the images channel Slim Aarons, but in true Jessica Craig-Martin style they only showcase the subjects’ lower halves, with the focus on jewelry, shoes, handbags, and such.

Jessica Craig-Martin was born in Hanover, New Hampshire in 1963. and attended New York University, The New School/ Parsons, and the International Center of Photography. She has shot for VogueVanity Fair, W, and her work is part of the collections at the Guggenheim Museum, New York and The Whitney Museum of American Art. Jessica Craig-Martin lives in New York City. 

If you’re in Boston,  The Street in Chestnut Hill mounted an outdoor exhibition of photographs by Jessica Craig-Martin (including some of the below images), which will be on display through fall 2015. On May 21, 2015, merchants throughout The Street donated a portion of proceeds on May 21st to Artists for Humanity, a Boston based non-profit organization whose mission is to bridge economic, racial, and social divides by providing under-resourced youth with support towards self-sufficiency through paid employment in the arts.

Shops at The Street Chestnut Hill include SC sponsors Jonathan Adler, Intermix, and Vince as well as locally owned businesses including Polka Dog Bakery, Ku De Ta, Skoah, and The Urban Grape.

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

Real Wasps (Cancer Benefit, Southampton), 2007
Winston Wächter Fine Art

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

Mondrian Teacup Pug (Watermill Center Benefit, Watermill), 2007
Winston Wächter Fine Art

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

Golden Showers, 2000  •  Artspace

Jessica Craig-Martin Society Photos

The End of the Revolution (Real Estate Brokers Party, Southampton), 2007
Winston Wächter Fine Art

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

Ladies and Gents, Moulin de Mougins, 2008
Winston Wächter Fine Art

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

Brides Magazine

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

Untitled (Gossip Girl: Renovation Complete), 2008
Art Production Fund • Paddle8

Jessica Craig-Martin Society Photos

Dragon Red and Cherry Blossom Pink, 2000 (printed 2004)
Art Production Fund • Paddle8

Jessica Craig-Martin Society Photos

Erection Ring, 2014  •  Instagram @jcraigmartin 

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

The Answer is White, 2007

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

Cosmos for Cancer (Cancer Benefit, Southampton), 2007
Galerie Andres Thalmann

Jessica Craig-Martin Social Party Photography

AmFar Benefit Cannes, 1998
Saatchi Gallery

StyleCarrot Breakfast Banquette Art Wall

I love my Let’s Party print from 20×200.


Jessica Craig-Martin

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ARTmonday: Artwork for TroyBoston Model Apt #1409

I love when I have the opportunity in my work to showcase local Boston artists and makers. For the last couple of months I’ve been working on a interior decor scheme for a model apartment at Troy Boston, a brand new, upscale, “green” rental building in SoWa. It’s a little outside my usual scope of projects and it’s been fun. You may have seen the initial post I did about it, when I was determining the color scheme for the apartment—Impressions: Creating a Color Palette of Charcoal + Dusty Rose. The final palette is indeed based on this post, with plenty of textural elements, including velvet, sheepskin, cork, plywood, and copper.

The best part has been curating the artwork. The art collection is the distinctive feature of the overall design and I hope people will view it as an exhibition rather than mere decoration. The pieces, which include paintings, photographs, sculpture, and mixed media pieces, are all done by New England-based female artists. Some of these Boston artists are  talented friends (Lee Essex Doyle, Tess Atkinson, Grace Hopkins),  others are young artists whose pieces I’ve purchased over the years at the SMFA Art Sale (Laura Beth Reese, Eugenie Lewalski Berg), others are artists I’ve become familiar with through blogging (Cig Harvey, Alicia Savage, Anastasia Cazabon, Anna Kasabian, Rachel Cossar, Winky Lewis, Jenny Prinn), and others are Boston artists who are new to me  (Heather McGrath, Linda Cordner).

I knew from the start that I wanted to include a statement artwork of a partially obscured woman; a moody fashion-y photograph of an elusive woman. I was able to get a few, though no oversize pieces due to the prohibitive cost of printing. Nevertheless I think the collection will hold together well. At the end of this post, you can see my current hanging scheme for the main wall, and for over the bed. I also plan to print a few of my own Instagram photos to pin or (washi) tape up.

Here I present to you the Troy Boston Model Apt #1409 art collection featuring over a dozen Boston area artists.  I hope you love it and will learn more about these talented women, all of whom have generously lent me their artwork.


Alicia Savage
 self-portrait  •  Panopticon Gallery
Fort Point, Boston, MA


Laura Beth Reese  •  self-portrait from Nude series
Boston, MA


Cig Harvey, MidCoast Maine
The Goldfinch  •  Robert Klein Gallery


Anastasia Cazabon  •  From the Secret World series
Boston, MA


Grace Hopkins  •  CA01
Color photograph on canvas
Truro, Cape Cod, MA


Grace Hopkins  •  Nassau06
Color photograph on canvas
Truro, Cape Cod, MA


Grace Hopkins  •  LA45
Color photograph on canvas
Truro, Cape Cod, MA


Rachel Cossar  •  Tights
Instagram photograph backstage
Ballerina, Boston Ballet  •  Boston, MA


Lee Essex Doyle, Boston, MA
Prada I Orange  •  Childs Gallery  •   Watercolor and ink


Winky Lewis, Portland, ME
Black and white photo of the artist’s daughter


Eugenie Lewalski Berg  •   Six Couples
Cast concrete relief with graphite and oil pastel
Boston, MA


Linda Cordner  •  Bayside Sky  •  encaustic
Linda Cordner created this large encaustic for the apartment after seeing my color palette inspiration post.
SoWa, Boston, MA


Tess Atkinson  •  Vista Series
Color photograph face-mounted on plexiglass
Boston, MA


Heather McGrath  •  Sunset in Iceland
Color photograph printed on sheet metal
SoWa, Boston, MA


Anna Kasabian, North Shore, MA
Tide Pool III   •  stoneware
This many not be the exact piece that will hang. Anna Kasabian is lending me three pieces, which I will see when she drops them off next week.

jenny prinn

Jenny Prinn, Maine
Little Footsteps I  •  Oil on canvas
This is not the exact canvas I’ll be hanging. Jenny Prinn has graciously offered to paint an original work for the project.

•            •          • 

Main art wall

•            •         • 

Art over the bed

•            •          •

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