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ARTmonday: Pools in Art

When we’re in Florida, I get to stare out at a pool when I work all day, until my son finally gets me to abandon my computer and venture in. (Mainly so I can throw the football with him. Yes, I can throw and catch a football.) At 92 degrees, it was bath-like and blissful. It’s funny, because until recently, my kids had only been swimming in outdoor pools a couple of times. Now, it’s such a huge treat having one right outside our door a few weeks a year. The condo complex has a bit of a retro feel too. Not exactly Miami Deco, or David Hockney mid-century modern, but  Here are 20 artworks with pools, starting with the classic Hockney.


David Hockney


Daniel Heidkamp


Laurie Rollitt


Cali Sales

Jiro Bevis


Yoko Honda


Jorey Hurley


Paul Davies


Marta Sławińska


Lizzy Stewart


L. Tillman


Marine Marbleindex




Theodore Parks


Lulu DK

swimming pool lucysnowephotography

Lucy Snow


Tom McKinley


Rankin Willard


Juan de la Rica


Ieva Baklane

•             •              •

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ARTmonday: Women in the Kitchen

Recently a friend posted a story from the Onion about moms spending “a much-needed vacation performing all her usual household chores while in closer proximity to the ocean.” Always nicer to wipe down counters with a view of the ocean, after all. 

The satire seemed a fitting segue to these quirky photographs and paintings of women in kitchens. Many of these images evoke sexy ’50s housewives, Barbie, and Stepford wives, though some are downright spooky.

Here are 12 artworks portraying women in the kitchen.

Photo By Holly Andres Of Women in Kitchen

Holly Andres, “The Fall,” 2011, Artsy

Photo By Tyler Shields Of Mischa Barton On Kitchen Floor

Tyler Shields, “Mischa Barton Kitch,” 2013, Artsy

Miles Aldridge Photo Of Woman Under The Sink

Miles Aldridge, “I Only Want You To Love Me #4,” 2011, Artsy

Satomi Shirai Photo Of Woman In Kitchen

Satomi Shirai, “Another Cindy,” 2006, Artsy


Tyler Shields, “Girl in the Oven”

Painting by Audrey Anastasi Of Woman On Kitchen Counter

Audrey Anastasi, “Kitchen Muse,” 2009, Artsy


Larissa Sansour, “Food,” 2012, Artsy


Erwin Olaf, “The Kitchen,” 2005, Artsy


Andrea Kowch, “The Visitors,” Artsy


Cindy Sherman, “Untitled Film Still #84,” 1978, Artsy


Marina Abramovic, “The Kitchen V, Homage To Saint Therese,” 2009, Artsy


Satomi Shirai, “Cleaning,” 2008, Micheko Gallerie


Paolo Ventura, “War Souvenir #31,” 2005, Artsy


 Lee Materazzi, “Cleaning Supplies,” 2008, Artsy

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ARTmonday: Ellen Levine Dodd

Earlier this summer I caught up with San Francisco Bay Area-based artis Ellen Levine Dodd, whose work I discovered at Serena & Lily. Last year, after I had featured some of Dodd’s colorful paintings, she emailed me to say she was headed to Provincetown. I wasn’t in town then, but she came back this year, and we met (in real life) at Chequessett Chocolate, a new funky coffee and chocolate cafe in Truro.

We chatted about art and the web, the growing opportunities for artists to sell work online (Serena & Lily’s gallery model has been fabulous for her), and life in general. She showed me images of her newest works on her iPad, and a delicious smoothie later, we parted,promising to catch up again next year. Of course, if I’m ever in the Bay area I’ll be sure to drop by her studio too.

Dodd’s a local Massachusetts gal. She grew up in Newton, went to Clark University on an art scholarship, studied painting at the Worcester Museum School, and photography at the Worcester Craft Center. Following a year abroad, she studied photography and printmaking at Massachusetts College of Art.

Dodd has a rich work history in the arts. She worked as a studio assistant in the paper mill at Sonoma State University, creating paper pulp for many artists including Sam Francis, has curated exhibitions, and consulted on business matters with artists.Currently she works full time as an artist, photographer, and digital fine art printer .

I’m drawn to the bold colors, textures, and shapes in Dodd’s layered pieces, on which she paints, scratches, sands, carves, and draws. Here are abstract and landscape multi media paintings by Ellen Levine Dodd.


Dodd’s iPad with images of her new work.


Postcard and plant at Chequessett Chocolate.


A Loaf Of Bread A Jug Of Wine
Acrylic and mixed media on wood panel, in handmade basswood frame
12.75″ x 12.75”  •   $750


Island In The Sky 2
Acrylic, mixed media on wood panel
12.75″ x 12.75”  •   $750 


Keep Your Chin Up
Acrylic, mixed media on wood panel
12.75″ x 12.75”  •  $750


Music In The Garden
Acrylic, mixed media on wood panel, framed by the artist
16.75″ x 16.75”  •  $995


Pebbles In A Pond
Acrylic, mixed media on wood panel, framed by the artist
2.75″ x 12.75″  •   $750


Striations I
Acrylic, mixed media on wood panel
8.75″ x 8.75”  •  $495


Wanderings 3
Oil, oil sticks, mixed media on wood panel, framed by the artist
12.75″ x 12.75”  •  $750


Which Way Is Up
Acrylic, mixed media on wood panel
16.75″ x 16.75”  •  $975


Acrylic, mixed media on board
16.75″ x 16.75”  •  $975


Headlands 1
Acrylic, mixed media on cradled wood panel
6″ x 6”  •  $275


Breaking Ground
Casein, and mixed media on cradled wood panel   
29.5″ x 22.5″  •  $1,900


Carmel Beach Sand
Casein, acrylic, beach sand, mixed media on cradled wood panel, framed by the artist
11″ x 7″  •  $385


Postcard and cactus.


More new work on Ellen Levine Dodd’s iPad.

•            •           •

Shop original artwork at Serena & Lily >

Shop Serena & Lily Art Collection

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ARTmonday: My Instagram Pics

With all my Instagramming of late, there have been a few photos I’ve been thinking about getting printed. Experience tells me, though, that the prints won’t look great; they’ll either be too blurry, or too glossy, or just not a good enough image. I could go through a high end printing place, but I have another idea—canvas prints.

Recently Canvas Republic got in touch about its service of transferring one’s own photos to canvas. (They also sell ready made canvas print artwork, including abstracts, florals, and pop art prints. It got me thinking that maybe I should try it. I rifled through Instagram images I’ve saved over the past year.

Do you think any are worthy of transferring to canvas (or to a high end print)?

amelias batmitzvah

Amelia’s Lights


Peony Explosion

pink jean

Pink Lady


Out On the Esplanade

socks aglow

Dance Glow


Copper Colander


Pret a Manger

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.42.03 PM

Rose Tangled in Beach Grass


Salmon Bites


Seersucker And Such




Lunch at Louis’


Socks Rolled Down


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ARTmonday: Natsumi Hayashi Levitation Photos

When I have time, I like to get lost inside art websites. During one such journey, I started collecting images of women floating. Last night, I was poking around for more photos to add to the collection of floating female figures, when I came across an entire such series on Artsy, by Japanese-based photographer, Natsumi Hayashi.

Natsumi Hayashi, who lives in Tokyo with two cats (that’s pretty much all she listed in her bio), documents levitating self-portraits on her website  Yowayowa Camera (“yowayowa” means “weak” or “feeble” in Japanese). She also gives a bit of explanation of how she achieves this feat, though it was too technical for me to really get it. (I’m so not mechanically inclined, which puts a damper on my own photography skills.)

These levitating self-portraits are a lot of fun. I love her cute outfits and varied settings, from urban transportation centers to verdant fields. She seemed to do them practically daily back in 2011, not sure what she’s up to now. . .


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 04-14-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 04-29-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 05-19-2011

 Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 05-21-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 06-23-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 06-22-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 01-11-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 04-27-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 05-03-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 06-15-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 06-20-2011


Natsumi Hayashi, Today’s Levitation: 05-31-2011

•           •            •

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ARTmonday: Holly Andres’ Photographs of Young Girls

Portland, Oregon-based photographer Holly Andres was born in Missoula, Montana in 1977. She earned her BFA in painting at the University of Montana and her MFA from Portland State University.

Andres had her first solo exhibition Sparrow Lane in Portland, Oregon in 2008, which continued on to shows in San Francisco, New York and Istanbul. The Sparrow Lane images depict four young women and explore the female transition into adolescence and the loss of innocence, with allusions to Nancy Drew, Alice in Wonderland, 1970s horror films and Alfred Hitchcock.

Stories From a Short Street is a suite of eight photographs inspired by Andres’ experience growing up in rural Montana, the youngest of ten children. She posed groups of kids based on her own siblings to enact a specific moment in her memory. 

Holly Andres is represented by Robert Mann Gallery in New York City, Charles A. Hartman Fine Art in Portland, Oregon, Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta, and Robert Koch Gallery in San Francisco.


The Golden Pillow, Holly Andres


Amber, Holly Andres
Stories From a Short Street 


 Outside the Forbidden Bedroom, Holly Andres
Sparrow Lane


Fiona II, Holly Andres
Stories From a Short Street 


The Caterpillar, Holly Andres


 The Lost Mitten, Holly Andres
Sparrow Lane


Picture Perfect, Holly Andres
Portrait for Portland Monthly


Carli Davidson, Holly Andres


The Magic Elixir, Holly Andres
Sparrow Lane


The Missing Bird, Holly Andres
Sparrow Lane


The Red Purse, Holly Andres
Sparrow Lane


The Heart-Shaped Locket, Holly Andres
Sparrow Lane

•             •            •


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ARTmonday: 12 Retro Style Campers

Everywhere you turn there’s a vintage retro camper, or glamping scene. Granted the two are totally different, but still, two sides of the same coin. While I could be convinced to glamp, you won’t catch me in a camper, ’50s style chic or otherwise. I am, however, charmed by some of the images. I also kinda love the idealization of the old-fashioned camping trip, in artwork mind you, not in real life, thank you very much.

A few months ago Rise Art asked me to curate a summer-themed art collection—”Summer Is Coming“—which features some camp and road trip inspired artwork. One of my favorites from that collection is this first piece, a technicolor blur of a family camp scene.

I searched for other similar images, but wound up finding illustrations mostly vintage campers, so I figured I’d just go with it.


Camping  •  Jack Addis  •  Rise Art


Camper & Mountains  •  Amy Lighthall  •  Etsy


Camper Trailer RV  •  Cece & Coco  •  Etsy


Camp Hawk  •  J. Austin Ryan  •  Etsy


Campfire Retro American Landscape  •  Jazzberry Blue  •  Etsy


Camper  •  Tom Hammick  •


Happy Camper  •  Susanna Jarian  •  Etsy


Vintage Camper  •  Paper and Canvas  •  Etsy


Vintage Camper •  Just Print It


VW Camper  •  Wyatt Design  •  Society 6


Wallowa  •  Rachel Austin  •  Etsy


Boler Camper  •  O’Reilly Ink  •  Etsy

•            •          •

Shop the Look

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ARTmonday: Clint Jukkala

Missoula, Montana-born artist Clint Jukkala went to college in Seattle, and earned his M.F.A. at Yale University, where he stayed on, and is now an Associate Professor of Painting/Printmaking.

Jukkala’s recent work explores the ideas of light, filters, lenses, and frames. His colorful, geometric, and sometimes textural paintings, while for the most part abstract, at times resemble figures, namely ones with seriously large eyeglasses.

Clint Jukkala is represented by the Fred Giampietro Gallery in New Haven. His work has been shown at Feature Inc. and Envoy Enterprises in New York City, The deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA, Tiger Strikes Asteroid in Philadelphia, PA, VOLTA NY 2013, The Currier Museum, and Soil Gallery in Seattle.


Cosmic Trigger


Cosmic Trigger


Around the Outlines


Off Course


Out Look, Look Out


Either Or


Carry the Zero


Over the Under




Inside Out




Sunshine in the Shade



•            •            •

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ARTmonday: Bowls From the Kitchen Cupboard

I’ve been collecting cute and colorful tabletop and kitchen trinkets, like dipped wooden spoons, little patterned bowls, graphic tea towels, flowerpots,  and such, because this summer I’d like to attempt to take more original photographs for the blog. I’ve recently attempted to style a few shots (like the ones for the Raddish Kids post), and I think they’ve come out decently. And, of course, I’ve been practicing my still life tablescape and flower photos on Instagram almost daily. The last think I need is more stuff to store, but I figured the items would be good inspiration.

That reminded me of these artworks of bowls that I’ve been saving for a while, and figured today is as good a time as any to post them.

William Scott Still Life Painting

Orange Still LIfe  •  William Scott

Kitchen Art Fruit Bowl Drawing Mzscreations

Bowl of Fruit  •  Mzscreations  •  Society 6

Kitchen Art Vintage Pyrex Bowl Print

Vintage Pyrex   •  Pocono Modern


Vessel  •  Edel Rodriguez  •  Gallery Nucleus

Kitchen Art Bowl Stack Graphic Print

Bowl Stack  •  Strawberry Luna •  Etsy

elizabethgraeber vintage pyrex

Vintage Pyrex  •  Elizabeth Graeber

Vintage Pitcher And Cup With Flowers Artwork



Fruit Bowl  •  Colourbox  •  Society 6

Dorothy Coldwell Still Life Of Bowl

Dorothy Caldwell


Midnight Blue  •  Akiko Kobayakowa  •  Etsy


Retro Kitchen Bowls  •  Charming Shop Love  •  Etsy

Ashley Goldberg Drawing Thermos Mug

Ashley Goldberg •  Etsy

Red Cast Iron Pot Illustration Kitchen Art

Yusuke Yonezu

•           •          •

Shop the Look

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ARTmonday: Andrea Heimer

Sex, shrubs, and UFOs pretty much sums up the work of artist Andrea Heimer, who, in her own words, paints “the dark/weird/hidden sides of the suburban landscape.”  Heimer creates small scale acrylic and pencil works on board that have the feel of Hindu miniature paintings in that they present detailed depictions of complicated narratives within a small space. (My graduate thesis focused on such Rajasthani miniatures, but that’s a whole other story.)
Andrea Heimer, who hails from Montana, did not go to art school. The scenes she paints are inspired by the strange events and relationships she witnessed in her own suburban neighborhood growing up. The images are cheerful,  cheeky, and irreverent, showcasing the perverse side of suburbia. Many of the works’ titles are mini stories that help illuminate just what she’s drawing. 
Heimer has shown her work around the country and abroad, including at the Outsider Art Fair in New York City last month. This summer her work will be exhibited at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York City,  Hooloon Gallery in Philadelphia, and Anchor Art Space in Anacortes, Washington. For Fall, she has shows lined up at Linda Hodges Gallery in Seattle, and Yard Dog Gallery Austin.
Here are ten pieces of subversive suburban landscapes by Andrea Heimer.
“Betty Patton Lived Such A Solitary Life That She Welcomed Any Attention, Even That Of Thugs And Criminals”
“Interruption at the Intersection of Cherry and Birch Streets”
“A Dangerous Party Happened At The Bolands On Birch Street In 1998″
“On July 24, 1989, Attendees Of The Annual Johnson Pool Party Said They Saw Lights In The Sky Then Everyone Went Crazy”
“In The Summer Of 1989 Mr. McManus Cut Down A Rosebush That Was Growing Directly On The Border Between The McManus’s Back Yard And The Black’s Back Yard. The Resulting Donnybrook Was The Most Brutal Thing Us Kids Had Ever Seen In Real Life. Years Later I Figured Out The Fight Wasn’t Really About Roses.”
“Lilly Peterson’s Parents Were Members Of The Neighborhood Sunshine Cult So She Was Too. Boys Came From Far And Wide To Listen To Her Preach The Gospel But I Strongly Suspected They Were More Interested In What Was Under Her Pink Cloak.”
“Mr. Leland Had Served In The Military For A Time And When He Came Back My Parents Said He Was A Little Off. Everything Had To Be Perfect, From The Way The Lawn Was Cut To How Mrs. Leland Shaved Her Legs. He Almost Always Chewed Cinnamon Gum And We Were Terrified Of Him.”
“In 1987 A Group Of Cat Burglars Ransacked The Neighborhood Stealing Jewelry, Artwork, Panties, And Other Valuables. The Situation Turned Everyone’s Fathers Into Amateur Detectives But When Rumor Had It The Thieves Started Bringing Two Hyenas As Protection During The Robberies We Chose To Let Them Be. Eventually The Robberies Stopped.”
•            •           •

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