Get the Look: 44 Bunny Rabbit Accessories and Decor

I don’t have any bunny rabbits ’round my house, but they’re awfully cute. My friend bought the most adorable bunny for her daughter. Live! It snuggles and practically purrs. Who knew they could make such great house pets? Since Easter is coming up, I thought you might be interested in seeing where you can pick up some less intrusive, stylish bunny objets, for you, your kids, or a friend.


1 Rabbit Shadow Puppet T-Shirt, $18 at Rabbitapparel, Etsy.
2 Bunny Pillow by Bomb Design, $58 at Supermarket.
3 Gold Bunny with Diamonds by Finn, $3,500 at Finn.
4 Shauna Richardson Crochetdermy Hare Head at Shauna Richardson.
5 Bunny on Skateboard Cotton Pillow, $29.95 at CB2.
6 Kay Bojesen Wooden Toy Rabbit by Rosendahl, $120 at Nova68.
7 Shauna Richardson Crochetdermy Running Hare at Shauna Richardson.
8 Bunny Rabbit Ring Holder, €11 at Urban Outfitters France.
9 Animal Coat Rack, $39 at Gretel Home.
10 Organic Rabbit Stuffie, $14 at birdmafia, Etsy.
11 Menagerie Juice Glass by Molly Hatch, $12 at Anthropologie.
12 Herend Loop Ear Lime Bunny, $260 at Shreve Crump & Low.
13 Ceramic Hare Plate by Laura McGibbon at Cul De Sac Design.
14 Animal Snow Dome by I Love Retro, $31.23 at Not on the High Street.
15 Italian Majolica White Rabbit, $950 at Assemblage, 1st Dibs.
16 Antique Toy Bunny Pillow, $26 at Thomas Paul.
17 The Chiseler Dunny by David Weeks at David Weeks Studio.
18 Grand Game Wallpaper by Patch NYC / Over & Over, $88 at Anthropologie.
19 Lala the Rabbit Bookend by Zuny, $49 at Emmo Home.
20 Rabbit Vase by Makoto Kagoshima, 3,675 yen at Fred & Perry Stationery Shop.
21 Rabbit by Makoto Kagoshima, 8,610 yen at Coton & Dupon 35.
22 Rabbit Profile Framed Giclee Print, $598 at Anthropologie.
23 G’Rabbit Jr. Salt + Pepper Grinder Set by Chef’n, $19.95 at Chef’s Resource.
24 Pink Bunny Pico Pillow by Fauna/Salvor, $29.50 at Pure Modern.
25 Bunny/Carrot Paper Towel Holder by Alessi Achromatics, $59 at AllModern.
26 Best Year Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Wine Stopper, $14.95 at ICA Store.
27 Aqua Bunny Alpaca Blanket by Thomas Paul, $200 at Burke Decor.
28 ‘Beach Bunny’ Wallpaper by Heather Dutton at Muffin & Mani.
29 Watchful Rabbit Hook, $40 at Anthropologie.
30 ‘Bonjour Lapin Tan’ Wallpaper by Heather Dutton at Muffin & Mani.
31 2012 Animal Calendar Set, $4.99 at Fred Flare.
32 Large Papier Mache Bunny Rabbit, $1250 at Suzanna Hamilton, 1st Dibs.
33 Rabbit in Wonderland by Stephen Johnson, $172 at Gretel Home.
34 Rabbit Night Light by I Love Retro, $16.40 at Not on the High Street.
35 Fox and Rabbit Wallpaper by Yee Von at Muffin & Mani.
36 Unglazed Porcelain Hare Bank, $24 at Uncommon Goods.
37 Bunny Ears Ring in Brass, $38 at Oldgold Boutique.
38 Bunny Rabbit Silhouette Wall Clock, $24.99 at Kiokx, Etsy.
39 Limited Edition Eye Chart by Floor4 Projects, $35 at FL 4 Projects.
40 On the Main Sketch Top in Bunny by Supermaggie, $39.99 at ModCloth.
41 Rabbit Vessel with Fade by Perch!, $52 at Perch! Design.
42 Soy Candle in Orange Rabbit Pot by Perch!, $30 at Supermarket.
43 Gold Baby Rabbit Bookends by Sterling Industries, $36/pair at Wayfair.
44 Pink Wire Hare, $69.95 at CB2.

Entertaining: Tables by Top Designers

Last week I went to the preview of the Shreve, Crump & Low Festive Table event to check out the gorgeously laid tables for “The Inside Source.” Shreve’s, for those of you not in the Boston know, is the venerable jeweler of Boston society – the oldest jeweler in the country actually. And, as such establishments go, they also do a brisk business in tableware, selling Baccarat, Buccellati, Steuben, Christofle, Wedgewood, Steuben, William Yeoward, Anna Weatherley, and other luxe china, crystal, and silver lines. Shreve’s invited seven designers to create sumptuous tablescapes using selections for their store. The results were spectacular.

esjDesigned by Eric Steven Jacobs of ESJ Designs

Mariposa “Bamboo” chargers; Scott Potter “Fern” square plate; Baccarat “Vega Red” Rhine wine glasses; Mariposa “Bamboo” salad servers; Herend animals; zebra skin rug.

+ + +

barnumDesigned by Michael Barnum of Barnum + Company.

Jean Louis Coquet “Hemisphere Platinum” chargers; Jean Louis Coquet “Hemisphere Platinum Stripe” plates; Baccarat “Vega” Rhine wine glasses in amethyst; Baccarat “Vega” flutes; Christofle Galea” silverplate flatware.

+ + +

catalfanoDesigned by Anthony Catalfano of Anthony Catalfano Interiors.

Wedgewood “Nantucket Basket” china; William Yeoward “Maggie” goblets and wine glasses; Christofle “Albi: silverplate flatware; Mariposa shell dishes.

+ + +

mccuskerDesigned by Paula McCusker and Kate McCusker of Theodore & Company.

William Yeoward “Rosemoor Pink” chargers; William Yeoward “Gosford” dinner and bread and butter plates; William Yeoward “Avington White” dessert plate; Baccarat “Arcade” goblets and wine glasses; Baccarat “Mille Nuit Olivine” champagne flute; Buccellati “Torchon” sterling.

+ + +

duffyDesigned by Dennis Duffy of Duffy Design Group.

Pickard “Palace” chargers and bread and butter plates; Royal Crown Derby “Chelsea” salad plates; Baccarat “Arcade” goblets and wine glasses; Baccarat “Vega Amber” champagne flutes; Christofle “Osiris” flatware; MK Glover fabric; Buddhas from shops in Chinatown; flowers by Twig.

+ + +

eleven intDesigned by Michael Ferzoco of Eleven Interiors.

Gien green chargers; Jean Louis Coquet “Hemisphere Gold Stripe” plates; Scott Potter small bowls; vintage Steuben “Teardrop Baluster” goblets and wine glasses; Christofle “Osiris” flatware; Soctt Potter accessories;  Kravet fabric; Duralee green glass bead trim.

+ + +

berensonDesigned by John Berenson of John Berenson Interior Design.

William Yeoward “Avington Lavender” chargers; Anna Weatherley “Ivy Garland” plates; Heritage “Cricklewood” goblets and wine glasses; Baccarat “Mille Nuit Amethyst” champagne flutes; Tuttle “Richelieu” sterling; Grant Dawson Gold Warbler salt & pepper shakers; Baccarat butterflies.

_   _   _
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