Get the Look: 28 (Mostly Modern) Bathroom Vanities

Here’s your companion shopping guide to yesterday’s Montage: 30 Bathroom Vanities. As always, I’ve trolled the Interwebs so you don’t have to, pulling 28 mostly modern bathroom vanities. The items range in price from a compact $99 IKEA model to a pricey glam piece by Burgbad, a company I’d actually never heard of. Most hover around $1K though, give or take, so don’t be scared off! I hope there’s enough variety here; most of the available images were in situ, rather than straightforward product shots.

But more importantly, did anyone have any ideas for my countertop? If we paint the actual vanity glossy white and change the knobs, what should we do for the countertop? And sink? I’m inclined to opt for a simple undermount, but looks like the bowls resting on top are still in favor. Probably better to stick to a classic though, right? Especially since it’s just a white tile bathroom. We do need to deal with the floor though too. White penny tile or glass mosaic? Input please!



Brushed Nickel Knobs Modern Ikea

The new knobs
IKEA ATTEST $4.99/set of 2

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bathroom-vanity-1 bathroom-vanity-2 bathroom-vanity-3 bathroom-vanity-4




1 Wyndham Collection Malibu Vanity Set, $1,899 at Bathroom Vanities Only   .

2 Porcher Tetsu Wall-Hung Vanity Set, $1,302.98 at Wayfair.

3 Wyndham Collection Centra Vanity Set, $1,899 at Decor Planet.


5 Bianca Wall-Mounted Vanity, $1,149 at Bathroom Vanities Only.

6 LILLÅNGEN Aluminum Frame Vanity, $99 at IKEA.

7 Cole & Co. Mallory Sink Chest, $2,246.25 at Modern Bathroom.

8 Empire Industries Contempo Vanity, $742 at Home & Stone.

9 Logan Double Washstand, now $1,545.99 at Restoration Hardware.

10 Amare Wall-Mounted Vanity Set, $799 at Modern Bathroom.

11 Wyndham Collection 3Zen II Vanity, $799 at Ardi Bathrooms.

12 Cole & Co Chambers Chest Vanity, $2,921.25 at Homeclick.

13 Pharmacy Extra Wide Single Vanity, $3195 at Restoration Hardware.

14 Bionic Bamboo Vanity Set, $1,116.73 at Wayfair.

15 Cole & Co Celebrity Single Vanity, $4,267.50 at Hayneedle.

16 Decolav Briana Vanity, $1,099.80 at Plumbing Depot.

17 WET Style F Collection Vanity.

18 Wire Leg Vanity by Concrete Seven.

19 Legion Washstand by Rebekah Zaveloff, $3,315 at Waterworks.

20 Robern Wall-Mount Slim Vanity, $2,764 at Home & Stone.

21 Decolav Sophia Vanity, $1,456.65 at Plumbing Depot.

22 Duravit Ketho Vanity for Stark, $1,156 at Home & Stone.

23 Robern Compact Vanity, $1,674.40 at Home & Stone.

24 Duravit 2nd Floor Series Vanity, $1,280 at Home & Stone.

25 Waterfall The Louis Vanity, $1,860 at Home & Stone.

26 Burgbad Diva Oval Vanity, $6,561 at Home & Stone.

27 Kallista Vir Stil Vanity by Laura Kirbar, $4,108.

28 Kohler Persuade Petite Vanity, $515.82 at Plumbing Depot.


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carrot-currency-graphicOnce you choose your vanity, find Bathroom Cabinets & Mirrors from Illuminated Mirrors. And don’t forget to add sconces as well.