Crafty: Metallic Dipped Concrete Votives

When I happen upon a product, I occasionally learn, to my surprise, that it’s a DIY project. It’s amazing what people have wherewithal (and time!) to concoct. I save the fun, innovative ideas to my “Crafty” Pinterest board, (there’s about 300 so far), but sometimes it needs a wider shout-out. So, I’ve added a new column to the blog, called “Crafty.” I likely won’t be detailing the steps (unless I’ve come up with and/or executed the project; but really, how likely is that?), but I will certainly provide the link so you can visit the blogger who put in the time and effort.  

metal dipped concrete vessels

Brass, copper, & silver dipped concrete votive candles
Learn how to do it yourself at Monster’s Circus

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