Gardens: South End Knitters


Last Saturday night my husband and I got a sitter and ventured out to a party at a friend’s in the South End. Having left the house in a hurry (why stick around when you’ve hired a sitter?) we found ourselves across town way too early. So we wandered about, and ran into friends in front of a community garden near Braddock Park (not sure of its name). They were with their nine year old daughter, Claire, who, at her mom’s urging, showed me “the vine.” Turns out Claire is the youngest member of the South End Knitters.

Having just Googled “South End Knitters,” I’ve now learned that this isn’t the first time the group has adorned mundane objects in the city. It seems, in addition to scarves, booties, and the like, soft graffiti is their thing. According to this article in the Boston Globe from January of this year, the South End knitters dressed a lamppost outside the Flour Bakery on Washington Street, where they often meet. The article goes on to expalin that their public fiber art was inspired by Knitta Please, a group of “guerilla knitters” that was founded in Houston by Magda Sayeg in 200.

Here are some more shots of the garland and the garden. I was armed only with my iphone, but the shots aren’t too bad. Happy weekend!


long garland