Shop Alert: Brooklyn Industries Opening on Newbury

Gorgeous in Boston today.  So nice that i went outside – TWICE. Really needed some air and movement after spending this rainy spring break on the sofa, fingers glued to my Mac.  Not only did I enjoy the sunshine, I got a blog post out of it.  Brooklyn Industries is moving in on the last block of Newbury, amidst Puma and Madewell.

Looks similar to Madewell and Spitawell for that matter, but hey, there can never be too many options for on trend affordable clothing, in my humble but ever fashionable opinion. I checked out the site and here’s what I came up with:

Escapes: Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Again with the amazing vacation house. While I freeze my but off in the chilly Atlantic, Betty Riaz of Stil, one of my favorite boutiques in Boston (I’ve bought many a dress and loads of jewelry there), spends family vacations at their home in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, frolicking in the Caribbean Sea. (Playa del Carmen is almost at the very tip of the Mexican peninsula.) When they’re back in Boston attending to everyday life, it’s available to rent.

Playa del Carmen is apparently a hip town, and the condo is in a great downtown location. It has floor to ceiling glass windows that look over a tropical garden and pool lounge, hardwood floors, and terrace. There are two bedrooms, an open living space, and flat screen TV (with channels in English and Spanish – wouldn’t want to miss an episode of Gossip Girl!)

Betty is très fashionable, and so is this property. Have a look: