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Sunday Bouquet: Going Dutch

Botanical Still Life Photos By John Ross Of PatchNYC

Photo by Marni Elyse Katz/StyleCarrot

John Ross, Still Life with Dahlia & Lemons 
Calendar hanging in my kitchen featuring
Patch NYC designer John Ross’s
gorgeous botanical still life.

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ARTmonday: @StyleCarrotCurates Best Nine 2016

@StyleCarrotCurates Instagram Feed Best Nine 2016

All photos by Marni Elyse Katz/StyleCarrot

Along with everyone else with an Instagram account I created a #topnine2016 for my @StyleCarrotCurates account, where I exclusively post artwork that I live with, work with, or discover as I go about my life. (My main account @StyleCarrot has a broader reach, featuring interiors, food, cocktails, art, nature, and other beautiful things that catch my eye. I hope you will follow both @StyleCarrotCurates and@StyleCarrot on Instagram!) Here’s a bit more about the top nine (plus one, which tied for ninth place). They’re all wonderful works and include a pieces from a couple of the world’s best known artists, local New England artists, pieces I’ve shown in my curatorial endeavors, and also an artwork from my living room.

Abstract Painting By Karine Leger At Lanoue Gallery

Que Tourne Le Vent, acrylic on canvas, 48×48

Abstract painting by Canadian artist Karine Leger from her exhibition at Lanoue Gallery in Boston’s SoWa district that I saw at a First Friday a year ago. I love her work and clearly so does everyone else as this is the most liked post on my @StyleCarrotCurates Instagram feed.

Abstract Paintings By Sarah Lutz At StyleCarrot's Truro Pop Up Gallery

Rapture and Persimmon, oil, resin, spray paint and paper on linen, 48×36

These two stunning beauties are by my friend Sarah Lutz, who lives and works as a full time artist in New York City and Provincetown. She and Mike Carroll of Schoolhouse Gallery in Ptown  lent me the paintings for a pop-up art gallery cocktail party I threw at my home in Truro this summer. I wanted to keep them forever; it’s as if Sarah painted them for the space. Although I didn’t splurge on these (they are still available; let me know if you’re interested), I did acquire a Sarah Lutz original at the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill auction. I posted it here, and although it didn’t make the top nine likes on IG, it easily tops my list of personal favorites.

Fish Prints By Pete's Fish Tales On Nantucket

This fall my husband and I took a weekend jaunt to Nantucket. Another big thank you to White Elephant Elephant Hotel, Hy-Line Cruises,Lola 41, and the boutiques I visited, which included Pete’s Fish Tales Prints. Artist Peter Van Dingstee studied the Japanese art of gyotaku which entails creating prints on rice paper using actual fish. Here he has rolled out a large swordfish print. You can see more of his work on the full blog post I did here.

Photograph By Hannah Bates At SMFA Sale 2016

from the Synthetic series

It’s not fall without plenty of shots from the SMFA Sale. This portrait by L.A. fashion photographer Hannah Bates is right up my alley. So much so that my husband purchased it for me for Chanukah. At least I think he did; there’s been an artwork just this size wrapped in brown paper in our living room since that night. I’ll find out for sure when I return to Boston after holiday break; fingers crossed.  Hannah Bates is an MFA candidate at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Sea Inspired Collage By Providence Based Artist Jenny Brown

Celestial Anemone, pen, ink & collage on paper, 11 x 8.5

Providence-based artist Jenny Brown makes the most magical marine-inspired mixed media collages. I hung three at my pop-up this summer and a Truro couple bought two for their daughter. Jenny gave me this piece, which is a print of an original, this fall when I returned the third piece. I still need to have it framed, but it the meantime it’s propped up on my living room bookshelf.

Abstract Art By Ellsworth Kelly At SMFA Sale 2016

A work by Ellsworth Kelly at the 2016 SMFA Sale.

Abstract Paintings By Boston Artist Laura Allis Richardson

My Garden Door and Entering the Garden, oil on canvas, 25×25

A new acquaintance told me to check out Boston-based artist Laura Allis Richardson, who works at Fenway Studios. She graciously invited me for a studio visit (full blog post here). I left with these two pieces, now on display and for sale  at Webster & Company in the Boston Design Center. (I can help if you are interested.) Mr. Webster and I have mounted a new exhibition for the Fall/Winter 2016-17 season; here’s a peek.

Louise Nevelson Sculpture At Boca Raton Museum

Last February I went to the Boca Raton Museum for the first time, where I spotted this Louise Nevelson assemblage. I still remember learning about Louise Nevelson’s work in the Art Since 1945 class I took at summer semester at NYU in college. A week later I went to a dinner party at a friend’s parents’ home on Fifth Avenue (or maybe it was Park Avenue?) . . . in their foyer was a small Nevelson sculpture, as well as a Giacometti.

Modern Dancer By Walkowitz In The Home Of StyleCarrot Blogger Marni Elyse Katz

This is a favorite piece from my personal collection, purchased for me by my husband at Skinner Auctions, so I’m thrilled it made it into the @StyleCarrotCurates #topnine2016.  It’s a dancer by the Russian-born, American artist Abraham Walkowitz. The piece, which sits on my mantle in Boston, pictures modern dancer Isadora Duncan, of whom he has done over 5,000 drawings. It inspires me during my living room yoga sessions.

Abstract Paintings By Maine Based Artist Jenny Prinn

Jitterbug, oil on canvas, 24×18 •  Sun on the Shore, acrylic on canvas, 24×24

This is technically the tenth, but it tied in the number of likes with the dancer above. This Instagram shot pictures a stretch of wall on the second floor of our Truro house, hung with lots of artwork for the pop up. The two paintings on the left are by Maine artist Jenny Prinn. I first hung Jitterbug at the model apartment I decorated at Troy Boston. Later both pieces hung at Webster & Company. I haven’t returned them to Jenny yet so if you’re interested they are still for sale!

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ARTmonday: Solidarity Benefit for Standing Rock

This is a special edition of ARTmonday to promote a free silent auction benefit in Boston this weekend.As winter descends upon Standing Rock, weather appropriate supplies are needed for continued resistance against the North Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Solidarity Benefit for Standing Rock, this Saturday, December 3, 6-9 p.m. at The Distillery Gallery (516 E. 2nd St., South Boston)  will support the frontline, indigenous led resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline. DJ Emerson (White Animal Sound), Land of Enchantment, and Creaturos will perform. Then head to Firebrand Saints (1 Broadway, Cambridge) for an after party.

Boston-based curators Olivia Ives-Flores, Oliver Mak, and Silvi Naci have selected a wide array of artwork from local and national artists for a silent auction. Artists include Matt Zaremba, Raul Gonzalez, Heather McGrath, Alex Sewell, Ana Karina DaCosta, Sarah Cronin, Autumn Ahn, Ellen Murphy, Thomas Chung, Shane Butler, Elaine Bay, Nick Zaremba, Josh Falk, Maria Molteni, Greg Burdett, Kevin Redstar, Henry Kunkel, Erin Shaw, Damion Silver, Loretta Park, Zachary Naylor, Brian Hart, Pat Falco, Scott Chasse, Andrew Jacob, Farrell Mason, Cyrille Conan, Marka27, Jesse Hernandez, Marisa Malik, Jay Lacouture, Ryan Lombardi, Kristin Texeria, TJ Kelley III, Percy Fortini-Wright, Nabeela Vega, Dana Woulfe, and more.

Solidarity Art Benefit for Standing Rock

Heather McGrath

Solidarity Art Benefit for Standing Rock

Zachary Naylor

Solidarity Art Benefit for Standing Rock

Leika Akiyama

Solidarity Art Benefit for Standing Rock

Elaine Bay


Kate Gilbert

Solidarity Art Benefit for Standing Rock

Rosie Ranauro

Solidarity Art Benefit for Standing Rock

Josh Falk

Solidarity Benefit for Standing Rock

Kristen Texeira

Solidarity Benefit for Standing Rock

Melanie Bernier

Solidarity Art Benefit for Standing Rock

Cyrille Conan

Solidarity Art Benefit for Standing Rock

TJ Kelley III

Solidarity Art Benefit for Standing Rock

Dana Wolfe

Solidarity Benefit for Standing Rock

Nick Zaremba


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ARTmonday: Studio Visit with Laura Allis-Richardson

Last week I visited Boston-based artist Laura Allis-Richardson at her studio at Fenway Studios. A new friend had recommended her work to me and she insisted I come have a look myself. I’m glad I took the time for a studio visit—Laura Allis-Richardson is charming, her space is wonderful, and her work is fantastic. If you like what you see, she’s participating in Fenway Open Studios this coming weekend, November 12th & 13th, 2016 at 30 Ipswich Street in Boston.

Studio Visit With Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Scouting for the Webster Art Project, I was drawn to Richardson’s large abstract paintings, specifically the ones hung along the top of the room above. I also discovered that she does some mixed media pieces.

Abstract Painting By Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Studio Visit With Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Studio Visit With Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

She says mixed media is very popular right now. These have some sort of twigs or straw layered atop the oil paint.

Studio Visit With Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

The other side of the room is her studio space. Some of these pieces are still works in progress.

Abstract Landscape Painting By Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Abstract Paintings By Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

These two oil paintings are currently propped up in my living room. Later this week I’ll deliver them to Webster & Company in the Boston Design Center where they’ll hang as part of the new fall/winter art installation. (If you’re interested in purchasing, let me know, or stop by the showroom. They are $750 each or $1,400 for the pair.)

Studio Visit With Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Abstract Painting By Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Studio Visit With Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Abstract Landscape Painting By Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Richardson plans to do a bit more work on the piece in the back.

Self Portrait By Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

This is one of a series of self-portraits that Allis-Richardson is currently working on.


I see the forest and architectural elements in this lively blue and black abstract.

Studio Visit With Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

A view of the Mass Pike from the lofty second floor. Those windows.

Fenway Studios In Boston Open Studios November 12 & 13

Fenway Studios In Boston Open Studios November 12 & 13

Laura Allis-Richardson is one of 21 artists who will welcome visitors at Fenway Open Studios at 30 Ipswich Street this weekend, November 12th & 13th from 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

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ARTmonday: 15 New Works at Webster & Co.

We’ve introduced a number of new artists into the #WebsterArtProject at Webster & Company in the Boston Design Center this fall, in addition to new pieces by existing artists. Some are hanging, and some are en route. Here is a sampling; you can find a full listing of works here.

Abstract Art Jennifer Amadeo-Holl

Jennifer Amadeo-Holl/Schoolhouse Gallery

Boston Artist Morgan Dyer Abstract Landscapes

Morgan Dyer

Cape Cod Artist Betty Carroll Fuller Black & White Works

Betty Carroll Fuller

Boston Artist Joanne Tarlin Beyond Borders

Joanne Tarlin

Abstract Painter Bonney Goldstein "Grab A Seat"

Bonney Goldstein

Vermont Artist Galen Cheney "Feeling Naked"

Galen Cheney

Boston Painter Barbara Hadden's "Fearless Sleeper"

Barbara Hadden

Cape Cod Painter Joe Diggs Untitled In Browns

Joe Diggs

Boston Abstract Painter Maggi Brown

Maggi Brown

Ted Kincaid Waterfall Painting Schoolhouse Gallery

Ted Kincaid/Schoolhouse Gallery

Cape Cod Artist Judyth Katz Pastel Landscape

Judyth Katz

Boston Artist Hilary Tait Norod Abstract Painting

Hilary Tait Norod

Abstract Artist Joshua Brennan

Joshua Brennan

Providence Artist John Vinton Abstract Landscape

John Vinton

Porcelain Sculptures By Anna Kasabian

Anna Kasabian

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