Looking Back: I Heart Rainbows

My sister just posted this old photo on Facebook. It’s a picture of her and her BFF Vicki on Halloween in my bedroom, circa 1982. (You needn’t do the math – I was 14.) I’m not quite sure what they’re supposed to be, other than examples of atrocious ’80s style. (Come to think of it, are those are my satin spandex Halloween hooker pants?!) The point here isn’t to embarrass them (well, maybe a little), but to showcase my incredible design sense. How sublimely ’80s.


Funny how some things never change. I still love the sky blue. The stripe I could do without. It was inspired by a room on the TV show “Too Close For Comfort.” Anyone remember it? It went around the top of the room, and dips into a V on the bed wall. I still remember issuing (ok, ordering) careful instructions to my dad, who lovingly (grudgingly?) painted it for me.

Gotta love the rainbow comforter too; the pillowcases form the arc. I had a unicorn stuffed animal that sat jauntily beneath it. And here’s a juicy little tidbit: the bed is a waterbed. I swear! The fabric art on the wall reminds me of ones found in pediatrician offices (a great vintage piece, I wonder where it went). Yes, the poly blend curtains are beyond hideous. Surely a Caldor’s purchase. I don’t recall the lovely star mobile, but I do remember the ceramic rainbow and cloud mobile that hung on the other end of the room, by my Technics and Pioneer stereo system. (Yeah, fine, I may have been a tiny bit spoiled.)

Finally, I’d like to point out the white clock on the far right. I still own it. In fact, I’ve used it every day since I bought it, probably in 1981. (I wanted the Sony Dream Cube, but couldn’t afford it. If only Nana had gifted a little more holiday cash.) The clock rocks. The alarm is obnoxious, my husband hates it. But it wakes me up.

Sweet dreams.