Get the Look: 45 Faux Animal Heads

If yesterday’s post showcasing 29 interiors with faux animal heads inspired you, allow me to help you do a little shopping. The range of faux animal heads (or animal head trophies, animal head mounts, animal head plaques, animal head wall sculptures, or whatever you prefer to call them) is kind of incredible.

There are painted porcelain and tapestry textile heads created by fine artists, papier mache animal heads by artisans in Haiti, resin models done in neon brights with glittery antlers, metal animal heads. animal trophies made of cardboard, and a plethora of plush models meant for kids. I found a blow up unicorn head (what my 7th grade self would have given for one of those) and a modern wire geo-style animal head sculpture. There’s even an artist creating animal head sculptures out of upcycled farm equipment.

The variety of faux animal heads means you can hang one pretty much anywhere, in any style room. It’s hardly cabins-only decor. Here are 45 cute ones from StyleCarrot partners and other vendors.

Faux Animal Heads Trophy Mounts Taxidermy Wall Decor Faux Animal Heads Trophy Mounts Taxidermy Wall Decor
Faux Animal Heads Trophy Mounts Taxidermy Wall Decor Faux Animal Heads Trophy Mounts Taxidermy Wall Decor
Faux Animal Heads Trophy Mounts Taxidermy Wall Decor


1 Papier Mache Giraffe Head, $63.99 at DwellStudio.

2 Wood Elephant Head by Fish McGill, $50 at 13Forest Gallery.

3 Papier Mache Trophy Head, $ at Ten Thousand Villages.

4 “Moose In the Woods” sculpture by Gatski Metal, $450 at Abacus Gallery.

5 Wall Mounted Felt Tiger Heady by Fiona Walker, $145 at Shoptiques.

6 Water Hyacinth Buffalo Head, $39.99 at Target.

7 Gold-tone Resin Elephant Head by Near & Deer, $117.99 at Wayfair.

8 Resin Antelope Head by Near & Deer, $114.99 at Wayfair.

9 Stewart Birch Bear Head by Cardboard Safari, $100 at Etsy

10 The Alejandra Neon Pink Deer Head by White Faux Taxidermy, $99.99 at Wayfair.

11 Stuffed Elephant Animal Plaque by Cate and Levi, $55 at Etsy.

12 Plains Traveler Antelope Bust, $58 at Anthropologie. 

13  Toro Goyesca Bull Head by Gandia Blasco, $1,800 at 2modern.

14 Plains Traveler Zebra Bust, $78 at Anthropologie.

15 Polar Bear Trophy by Bend Goods, $120 at A+R Store

16 The Alexander by White Faux Taxidermy, $99.99 at Wayfair.

17 Stuffed Rhino Head, $24.99 at Target. 

18 Woolen Fox Wall Plaque by Karma Living, $19.99 at Oopsy Daisy.  

19 Green Deer Head by White Faux Taxidermy, $129.99 at Open Sky.  

20 Hipster Rhino Head by Weft & Whimsy, $400 at Etsy.

21 Plywood Dino Head Decor, $79 at Pottery Barn Kids.

22 Floral Fabric Faux Deer Head by Near and Deer, $194.99 at OpenSky 

23 Felt Rabbit Head Sculpture by Fiona Walker, $150 at Baby Bliss.

24 Plush Lion Head Wall Sculpture by Jenni Kayne. $99 at Pottery Barn Kids.

25 Plaster Cat Trophy by Lime and Iron Studio, $45 at Etsy.

26 Inflatable Unicorn Head, $22.99 at Hot Topic

27 Houndstooth Elephant Bust by Cardboard Safari, $80 at Bluefly

28 Felt Giraffe Head Wall Mount by Fiona Walker $160 at Bergdorf Goodman.

29 Mongolian Lambswool Ram Heady by Weft & Whimsy, $300 at Etsy.

30 Dinosaur Stuffed Trophy Head by BIBIB $92.23 at Harrods.

31 Plains Traveler Lion Bust, $58 at Anthropologie. 

32 Purple Deer Head by White Faux Taxidermy, $104.99 at OpenSky

33 Stuffed Deer Head with Gold Antlers at Tamar Mogendorff.

34 Bulldog Plaque by Lime and Iron Studio, $60 at Etsy.

35 Cardboard Unicorn Head by Flatout Frankie, $25.50 at Alex and Alexa.  

36 Copper Bison Head by White Faux Taxidermy, $139.99 at OpenSky

37 Stuffed Crocodile Head by Fiona Walker , $150 at Aha Life.

38 Walrus Head Wall Sculpture by Jenni Kayne, $99 at Pottery Barn Kids.

39 Audrey Headburn Faux Deer Head by Frédérique Morrel.

40 Wolf Head Mount by KingFour, $79.99 at Etsy.  

41 Resin Faux Deer Skull by WallCharmers, $79.99 at Etsy.

42 T-rex Resin Trophy Mount by KingFour, $99.99 at Etsy.

43 Paper Mache Rooster Head by BlueRoosterArts, $45 at Etsy.

44 Décor on Safari Giraffe Head, $69 at The Land of Nod.

45 Folk Art Deer Head by Roost, $440 at Mod•ish.

Author: StyleCarrot

Marni Elyse Katz is a design writer and editor who lives in Boston and Cape Cod with her husband, two sons, and a cat. She blogs about design at

37 thoughts on “Get the Look: 45 Faux Animal Heads”

  1. Are you insane offering these despicable “trophies” Are you unaware of the worldwide outrage against trophy hunting. Pottery Barn has been under attack for similar products…now it is your turn.

  2. These products are awful. Animal heads, even if fake—plush, rattan, whatever, are not wall decor! Pottery Barn Kids has just pulled its “plush animal heads” as a result of very vocal criticism and 2 petitions over 2 days that have well over 1,600 people asking for removal of these products.
    This sends a very wrong message to children and adults and tacitly condones trophy hunting.
    Please reconsider advertising this on your blog.

    1. First of all, this is not advertising. Second, get a grip. There’s no difference between a stuffed animal that sits on the bed and one that sits on the wall. I do NOT and NEVER WILL condone hunting for trophies. If you’d like to be productive, you should probably try to effect change where it matters —— with people that actually hunt, kill, and mount ACTUAL ANIMALS. Not toys. TOYS.

  3. I was absolutely appalled to see that you are featuring faux animal trophy heads as decor. In the wake of the tragic death of Cecil the Lion, this is a slap in the face to animal lovers worldwide. You stated in prev comment that “these are toys and no different than a stuffed animal.” I beg to differ, these are mockeries of dismembered trophy hunted animals, such as Cecil. These faux heads send a strong message that trophy hunting and putting an animal head on your wall is acceptable, artsy, and somehow cool. Please do the right thing and remove these reminders of slaughtered animals from your blog.

  4. Wise up StyleCarrot! You must’ve been living under a rock not to have heard the horrible news about Cecil. Funny, even one of your lion’s head is pretty similar to Cecil. The dark mane. Sorry, but placing animal heads on walls has everything to do with trophy hunting. Stuffed animals is a whole different thing. You’re comparing apples to oranges. Sorry, but placing an animal’s head on a wall is exactly what trophy hunters do!! You want to pass that along to kids??

  5. I am disappointed in your replies to those who are alerting you to what they see as a disturbing nature of the ‘decorations’ you’ve touted on this page. Here is one of the comments posted about these in just the last few hours:
    “Of course they are not real. They are intended for children – pre-cursors to the real thing – symbolism, of sending the message to young children that the bust of an animal on the wall is not only OK, it is desirable. This is NOT OK. Trophy hunting is NOT OK. Poaching is NOT OK.”
    The head mounting of slaughtered ‘trophy’ animals, many of whom are endangered, sends a terrible message of what’s fun and acceptable and is truly disturbing to so many.

  6. You guys are sick and twisted! What an awesome costumer service you are! Pure evil like your work! Shame on you! Karma!

  7. To reply to your comment to me, I am actually part of many groups, our numbers total in the hundreds of thousands on social media, all dedicated to stopping trophy hunting, canned hunting and other cruel acts to animals. We are working on legislation such as supporting the Cecil Act and opposing the Share Act, and naming and shaming various trophy hunters both in and out of the news.
    However, we believe there is a tie between “whimsical” faux animal trophy heads for kids, and how a child learns to view the world. First of all, these are not “toys”. You don’t “play” with a disembodied fake animal… it’s wall decor. And whether marketed to children or adults, any fake trophy heads, however “arty”, still show an animal that in real life would clearly be dead. It sends a message that an animal head on a wall is cool. It isn’t.
    By the way, I have a very good sense of humor and like pretty way out controversial things. Just not representations of animal heads on walls. PS- I am not a vegetarian/vegan and not opposed to hunting one’s own food. Just opposed to turning animals into trophies.

  8. FYI Pottery Barn, as a result of two petitions that drew lightening response from a few thousand people, as well as criticism on their FB and via Twitter, pulled those faux trophy head products today. I know you don’t sell these, you have style blog. The retailers of the items you have highlighted here will also hear from the public.

  9. Stuffed animal heads are definitely not my style and I’m surprised to see that trophy hunting is supported here and teaches kids that killing an animal and mounting it in the wall is ok.. Shame on you!,

  10. I cannot believe that you are featuring faux animal trophy heads as wall decorations. There is a huge difference in these and stuffed animal toys…they symbolize dismembered trophy hunted animals. The death of Cecil the Lion caused outrage all over the world, and by selling these monstrosities you are condoning trophy hunting. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Do you really think this is a good message to our children? Wake up!

  11. Holy cow! People are crazy! Get over yourself folks. These are stuffed animals. At what point do you ask yourself “am I taking this too far?”. I am against hunting for sport, love animals, etc. But you have gone off the deep end if you think kids seeing these on a wall encourages trophy hunting. By that logic a teddy bear encourage kids to keep bears as pets. I am all for taking a stand on things. Making an inane comment about a non-issue is not how you affect change.

  12. Andrew Gates, your wife has frequently promoted real fur clothes on her blog, which is a whole other level of cruelty. She has also often ignored readers comments about it, definitely a lack of taking a stand on things to initiate change via action. “Animal lovers”? Eh.

  13. Hi “Guest” – Erin has a fashion element to her blog (no pun intended) and cannot completely avoid showing some real fur every so often. It isn’t the ideal situation and it is a difficult position for her to be in. But on that note, she is not the issue or the problem…so your anger should be redirected. As for our love of animals, I am not Vegan, so by that standard I assume you could call me an animal killer. But reasonable people understand there are varying degrees in this discussion. And getting back on point, for the blog in question, it is getting ridiculous to say that this in any way, shape or form promotes animal cruelty. I feel fairly certain that if you opened your kimono we could point to plenty of ways in which you “support” animal cruelty. Let’s hop off the soap box and all go after the real people. This kind of ugly back and forth with people who generally all have the same love of animals is silly. I really don’t understand the level of animosity and hate.

  14. Andrew, don’t know if you are a parent or not. Kids are sponges. They absorb their environment without even thinking. No coincidence that vast majority of kids identify politically with their parents’ beliefs. These products seem innocuous, I once thought so too.
    But kids are learning from it— animals as rugs, wall mounts, decorative skins— all dismembered without their whole bodies. Maybe it won’t make kids pick up a gun and shoot an elephant, but these products don’t sensitize them against trophy hunting, either.
    There are much bigger fish to fry in the fight against this sick “sport”, namely legislative change. But we mustn’t forget that kids are the next generation who will steward our planet …

  15. Sorry Leslie, but you are coming off as totally whack-a-doodle. I have two kids and yes, I have one of these very faux, not at all realistic animal heads hanging over my toilet. My kids are the biggest animal lovers you’d ever meet. It pains them to see those horses in Boston or NYC hauling tourists around. They connect with all sorts of animals and don’t even want me to kill an ant or fly inside our home. As for me, I only buy humanely raised meat and pasture raised eggs so that I know the animals that gave their life to be on our plates lived a good one and it means a lot to my kids that these are my grocery shopping habits. The fact that we have a faux animal head on our wall can live in concert with our personal beliefs about animal welfare because we save our outrage for things that are real and that matter such as all the horrible school shootings (and for me, my kids aside, people trying to mess with my reproductive rights). You need to re-examine. I am honestly stunned that PBK folded to the loonies. I guess if it is just one little line item that they remove in response to this type of insanity it is the easy way out.

  16. Andrew Gates, your wife Erin “cannot completely avoid showing some real fur?” Seriously? You think you can’t discuss fashion without promoting and wearing fur that was viciously skinned from a living breathing creature that was kept under the most inhumane of living conditions — all for your pleasure? Disgusting.

    Oh, and before you ask, I am vegan. #crueltyfree #notahypocrite

  17. My daughter has a faux fur coat, and I’ve used it as an opportunity to discuss with her the choice we’ve made to purchase imitation fur in place of animal fur. The mounted animal head, from a design perspective, is reminiscent of a vintage cabin aesthetic, however it has been upgraded with a modern day humanitarian and artistic twist. Bright colors, patterns, and synthetic materials are allowing this timeless decor staple to continue on without the environmental implications of its past, the way synthetic furs have done for fashion. In a sense we could be thanking the popularization of these faux heads to provide a safe alternative to trophy hunting. I know children do not understand irony or the cheeky interpretations of these wall accessories, but is this not a great teaching moment to discuss the treatment of animals and choice to use imitation products?

    1. Danielle, Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I absolutely agree. Though I’d also say the kids do understand the double meaning. They’re pretty savvy . Plus such beings align with characters and creatures of fantasy literature, not to mention the mythological genre. Imagination is lost on these empty protesters.

  18. Kateoobrien – Congrats on being a Vegan and practicing what you preach. I find that kind of commitment inspiring (FYI – I am not being condescending…I really mean that). Of course the world takes all types of people and I am sure that there are people far worse for you to chastise. My point is that this blog isn’t where your battle should be fought, nor is it really to be fought with people like me and Erin. For the most part we agree…even though we may not be as committed as you. I don’t think going on blogs and making antagonistic comments to people like us is furthering your cause. The world is full of people who are different. Not everyone who doesn’t live their life the same way you do is “disgusting”. There are degrees. So while we may not agree on every point, and you may care about animals with a greater ferocity, it doesn’t mean that you should antagonize us…for the most part we agree. This is a case of picking your battles.

  19. Andrew Gates, you and your wife derive your income via rstyle links to the furs frequently featured in her blog. I never said you were “disgusting” but I did say the slaughter of innocent animals raised only to provide unnecessary fashion statements is. You claimed it’s impossible to blog about fashion without discussing and deriving income from fur, and that is patently false. Hundreds of blogs manage to do this every day. Erin’s blog promotes the killing of animals and you make income directly from this practice.

  20. Sorry Kateoobrien, but you have no idea of what you are talking about and clearly didn’t read a word I said. You can continue to be angry at everyone and everything, but it will not get you anywhere you want to be.

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