Sunday Bouquet: Stems on Caesarstone

Flowers Spread Out On Caesarstone Countertop

While I hardly have a green thumb, one of my favorite parts of summer days on Cape Cod are cutting flowers from the yard (and occasionally, sometimes surreptitiously, snagging a bloom here and there from my in-laws garden). I love spreading them out on the counter, taking stock of what I’ve got, the various stem lengths, and capturing the creatures (spiders! snails! beetles! inchworms!) that inevitably make the journey indoors, then gathering vases, arranging the flowers, and distributing them throughout the house. 

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Author: StyleCarrot

Marni Elyse Katz is a design writer and editor who lives in Boston and Cape Cod with her husband, two sons, and a cat. She blogs about design at

One thought on “Sunday Bouquet: Stems on Caesarstone”

  1. Very beautiful! I do the same every once in a while when we go for a walk I end up collecting field flowers and making a wide bouquet. It appeals to me much more than the flowers from the shop. These smell so amazingly, they last for a week or even more but true, they bring a bigger piece of nature to our house than I would prefer (I hate spiders). But they brighten up summer days and prolong the sunny feelings, don’t they? Btw, ever though of starting a vertical garden? I like how it looks but it would probably make the house a living organism of all kinds of bugs I don’t really like sleep next to, haha.

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