Giveaway: Joyo Lasercut Birch Earrings

When the publicist for Joyo jewelry, a company based nearby in Scituate, Massachusetts, contacted me to see f they could send me a sample, I told them I’d prefer to pass it along to one of you. They were game with the idea of a giveaway.

The designer behind Joyo, Jenn Liddiard, who started the company in 2012, creates wood earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in modern geometric and naturalistic shapes, laser-cut from real walnut and birch. Liddiard laser cuts everything herself, and does all of the design, sanding, oil finishing, and assembly by hand. 

Liddiard is inspired by architecture, history, and nature. She likes transforming natural materials into unique, intricate, and unexpected forms. She says, “I have a habit of looking for patterns in ordinary places, like storm drains, sidewalk bricks, window grates, and fences–things that normally blend into our everyday surroundings. 

Laser Cut Wood Jewelry By Joyo

E N T E R  t o  W I N  t h e s e  E A R R I N G S

Tell me in the comment section of this post about an interaction with nature you had this summer. Did you climb a tree? Grow tomatoes? Make seashell mobiles? Swim with dolphins? Pick flowers? Gaze at the super moon? The simplest gesture will do. 

Deadline to enter is Thursday , August 21 at midnight EST. (Don’t forget to include your email address so I can contact you if you win!)


Birch wood LEAVES earrings by Joyo

Jenn Liddiard Designer Joyo Jewelry

Jenn Liddiard of Joyo

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16 thoughts on “Giveaway: Joyo Lasercut Birch Earrings”

  1. No matter what the weather, I always try to be outdoors. Remaining rash on my wrists from a brush with poison ivy is the first memorable interaction with nature this summer.

    Must knit wrist guards for my next weeding foray… other than my face and neck, my wrists war the only body part exposed. I thought I handled it carefully and showered afterwards. Oh, well!

  2. OK! You asked….A 40 minute hike with Esther, every NH morning, to a pool just below stunning cascades. Along the way, and when they are ripe, she eats wild black raspberries, picking them herself. Getting past the sunny patch of the raspberry bushes, we enter the forest, it’s darker with the thick canopy of the trees. Greens and browns. Ferns and moss. I search for the amazing colors of mushrooms in the low light. Oranges, reds, bright white, even turquoise, bizarrely vibrant colors illuminated by speckles of sunlight through the trees and juxtaposed against the browns and deep greens of the forest. When we reach the pool, I throw sticks for her into the water and the sunlight illuminates the rich copper color of the water and the lush green of the moss on the rocks. She comes out of the water and shakes, the water flying and shining off her in the bits of sun that make it through the trees. And I think, I am so lucky to do this walk every day. Yep. I’m goofy. It is my little bit of zen in the midst of a summer of Camp Mom.

  3. I shooed away some pigeons that were eating food someone had put out for the feral cats in my neighborhood.

    I don’t even wear jewelry (though the earrings are lovely), but your prompt made me realize that that is the closest to nature I’ve gotten this summer.

  4. Lots of nature this summer, fortunately. Rhode Island beach walks, trips to many area parks with the kiddo to play in water features, growing tomatoes, peppers, carrots, kale, romaine, squash and herbs, feeding friend’s chickens, Charles River walks…and there’s still time to fit in more too- even better!

  5. I have gone on a lot of hikes over the past few weeks. I love it because I love exploring and at the same time it is an easy way to excercise!

  6. I love these earrings! My sister in law has a pair and I’ve been coveting them all summer! So excited to see them here.
    I’ve spent my summer on Martha’s Vineyard, running trails, doing yoga outside, tending to my moms garden with the kids. I’ve also enjoyed many a gin and tonic at the end of the day, sitting outside and marveling at the gorgeous summer light – that counts, right?

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