Site Spotlight: Ethica, Ethical Eco-Friendly Sustainable Fashion

Ethica is an online retailer co-founded by my former colleague, the ever cute and hard-working Melissa Cantor. She has sourced some equally cute fashions that are as stylish as they are socially responsible. I was reminded that I wanted to blog about it after reading “Feel Good Fashion: The New Black” in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal. They totally should have included Ethica!

All of Ethica’s designers ensure that their products are made in safe, healthy environments, free of human rights violations. This means no child labor, no sweatshop-like conditions, and no exploitation. Their workers receive fair wages in the local context for every hour worked. The designers have also taken steps to minimize their impact on the environment, give back to communities in need, and generally pay it forward. If only more designers and manufacturers would do this.  Ethica uses eco-friendly packaging and free, carbon-neutral shipping for domestic orders. The company is based in a LEED-certified green building in New York City. Finally, Ethica supports nonprofits dedicated to the development of responsible artisan businesses.

You can shop by “Ethical Qualities” if you wish, pulling a pre-sort of handcrafted or vegan items, for example. And, in addition its shopping component, the site features a blog with posts on ethical street style, eco escapes, and designer profiles. Enjoy; it’s guilt free!


Susatainable Organic Fashion At Ethica



1 Diamond Animal Scarf by Choolips

2 Brouillard Sweatshirt by Valentine Gauthier

3 Byron Retro Biker Jacket by The Sway

4 Apricot Slip Dress by AWaveAwake

5 Kilim Shorts by Valentine Gauthier

6 Sidra Gold Ring Set by A Peace Treaty

7 Elgon Dress by Ambrym

8 Oursin Necklace by Ambrym

9 Mirage Tank by Samantha Pleet

10 Mirage Skirt by Samantha Pleet

*     *     *

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