Sponsor Style: Storkie

I’d like to start the week off by welcoming Storkie, the newest StyleCarrot sponsor.

The designs I like best are the fun and girly ones. They’re totally customizable. Not only can you choose the card stock and background color, you can customize the ladies and gents in the illustrations—hair color, skin tone, eye shape. Clothing can be specified too… red bikini or black one-piece? Even the props can be personalized. For instance, diamond rings can be rendered as round, heart-shaped, marquise, etc. Or choose the beverage of your choice: Champagne or beer? It’s all very fun.

Here’s a sampling of the line. They cover pretty much any occasion, including baby announcements, holiday parties, sweet sixteens, baby showers, birthdays, and changes of address. Have a look at my favorites, then click through for more.

 * storkie is a style carrot sponsor *

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