TV Alert: Sixx Design on Bravo

The Novogratz Family

The husband and wife design duo behind Sixx Design, Robert and Cortney Novogratz, plus their brood of kids (two sets of twins, a couple of singles, and a new baby), have landed a TV gig. Nine by Design premieres Tuesday at 11pm on Bravo, then moves to its regular time at 10pm.

The series follows the couple over the course of six months, during which they worked on six large-scale design projects including a 24-room hotel on the Jersey Shore, a 10,000 square foot glass house on the West Side Highway and a home conversion of a gun shop located on the edge of Soho.

With any luck, this reality docu-DIY will focus on the team’s talents as taste makers rather than the antics of their ever growing family, though apparently Cortney goes into labor with the newest addition at the end of episode one. I’m definitely tuning in and hoping to get a taste of the magic behind their funky interior transformations. And besides, I need a new show; a girl can’t exist on Gossip Girl alone.

For more on Sixx Design here’s a NYT article from last spring.

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  1. Sigh. Wish I had cable. I don’t miss it often, but there are times. I was perusing this book at the bookstore this weekend and it’s officially been added to my wish list.

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