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Here’s another textile profile from “Designing Women” that I wrote for Stuff Magazine. You’re no doubt familiar with this company – Mod Green Pod – especially the signature butterfly print, which was their very first design. Here’s their story.

When textile designer Nancy Mims mentioned to her sister-in-law, Boston-based Lisa Mims, that she was thinking of creating an organic cotton fabric line, Lisa, who had just quit a consulting job, hopped on a plane to brainstorm with Nancy at her home in Austin, Texas. Mod Green Pod was born at a picnic table in Nancy’s backyard. Their first collection was launched a year later, in spring 2006, with the funky and flirty signature print “Butterfly Jubilee.” Today, the company produces eight patterns, including Clara and Atticus, named after Nancy’s children. (There used to be an Adelaide print too, named after Lisa’s daughter, but that pattern was retired.)

This month Mod Green Pod launched a line of organic cotton solids in colors that coordinate with the prints.


Nancy, who is the company’s creative director (Lisa serves as a sometime consultant from her home in Beacon Hill), recently came up for air after three frenzied weeks spent churning out 35 new designs, only three of which will make it into the next collection. The designs are all printed with non-toxic pigments on 100% certified-organic cotton grown in the United States. A recent visit to textile mills has motivated Nancy to continue to produce domestically. “My dream is to help our old mills go green and revive production in the US. We could bring back jobs and clean up the textile industry at the same time,” she says. As for other visions, Nancy would like to see the fabrics used in Malia and Sasha Obama’s rooms in the White House. She reasons, “Sasha is my daughter’s age, and I think she’d love the hot pink colorway with the butterflies. It’s US-made and organic, and since she has allergies, she needs clean, green décor.”



I recently purchased a few yards each of these fabrics to make pillows and cushions for my sofas and benches in Cape Cod.

mineAspire in Peppercorn / Atticus in Sprout / Glimmer in Water

I love the totes too.tote

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  1. I love MGP fabrics (and supporting a Texas-based green business!). I have a wingback chair recovered in the Grand Jubilee in cream (colorway now discontinued) last year and I adore it. I’m so impressed by the quality for the price and their service was amazing!

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