Get the Look: Chalkboard Chic

I don’t really need to give you sources for chalkboard paint; it’s readily available. You can get it in any color, for walls or metal, and you can even buy a magnetic version. I mean, why limit your kids to chalk when they could be using the wall for Playskool magnetic letters. Or perhaps you’d like to break out that magnetic poetry set that’s been relegated to the back of a drawer. If you don’t have the space (or desire) to dedicate an entire wall to your chalky whims, you can pick up a freestanding board anywhere. Vintage ones are readily available too. Or, you can get your chalkboard fix with one of these cute chalkboard accessories.


Shopping Guide

Chalkboard Napkin Rings, on sale for $24.95/set 4 at MoMA Store.

Magnetic Chalkboard by Kotona Design, $49.01 at KotiLiving.

Embroidery Hoop Chalkboard with Cameo, $35 by blissinateacup at Etsy.

Deer Chalkboard Sticker, $16 by flatbird at Etsy.

Mini Poplar Plant Holder with Chalkboard Stripe, $14 by coughcoughchoke at Etsy.

Chalkboard Vases, $20 by designLAW at Etsy.

NotNeutral Chalkboard Wall Panel, $36 at Design Public.

Author: StyleCarrot

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