Covet: Missoni Rugs

A brightly patterned rug is a quick and easy way to spruce up a plain space. I’ve been coveting the swirly Paul Smith design by The Rug Company for years, but its sky high price tag makes it the stuff of dreams. Last week I heard from Caroline Morson of the impeccable, high end Boston furniture showroom, The Morson Collection, about her fab finds at the Milan Furniture Fair this spring – the new collection of rugs by Missoni Home. They are insanely colorful and outrageously fun. And, yes, pricey too, though some more than others. Still a splurge, but a do-able one. I found a few additional styles from the collection at other online sources too. Thou shall covet. And cover thy floor.











Shopping Guide

Fleury, $7,725
Maracaibo, $ 2,870
Kalahari, $2,645 – $3,890
Kochi, $2,330
Roseraie, $1,165
Liuwa, $3,560 – $5,505
Palm Beach, $2.800
Kerem, $2,645 – $3,890
Jefferson, $6,470
Witchita, $1,020 – $3,430
Kong, $2,645
Janauba, $5,175
Botanica, $890

Author: StyleCarrot

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  1. I’ve been coveting some Missoni chevron fabric forever; someday, I’d love to use it to upholster the backs of some amazingly fabulous dining chairs (I believe I saw Katie Ridder do this, but can’t be sure).

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