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Ok, not really my shop, just my kitchen. But I must say I am impressed that these came from my garden, even if I didn’t really plant them all myself. But even the cutting and arranging takes time. (This photo caught the process midway.) I now know why those who can have flowers done for their homes regularly. The whole enterprise can take over an hour, never mind the time spent catching (and disposing of) the spiders that inevitably hop all over the countertop. And then there’s the discarding of the dead blooms a few days later. But while they’re thriving, they’re simply gorgeous.

flowers 1Daisies from the front side garden threaten to take over the plot. Black-eyed Susan’s are the result of packets of wildflower seeds we threw haphazardly over the fence. Of course cutting now involves climbing over said fence.

flowrs 2

Love, love, love my blue hydrangea. See the pink ones at the bottom? They’re ok, but the goal is to get them blue next year too. The pink roses on the far right smell heavenly, like candies. Smarties perhaps.

flowers 3

Do you notice that there’s way more pink than last time I posted? These dahlias are from our brand new back garden. There’s a barren hill back there that looks awful. Not so bad any more. Unlike the front of the house, where I only allow white and purple blooms, the directive for the back is plenty of brights. I asked the gardener to plant right pink, bright yellow, and bright orange roses, (no wimpy colors please!)  as well as dahlias.

He’s going to dig up the dahlias at the end of the season and store them in his garage. Seems sorta high maintenance, but he insists it’s no big deal. Maybe they’ll eventually grow as big and tall as the ones in my mother-in-laws garden, which look like huge pom poms.

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3 thoughts on “Flowers & Gardens: Style Carrot’s Flower Shop”

  1. You need to share a picture of your garden — I can’t believe all of these came from your own yard!

    I would love to be able to grow hydrangea, but unfortunately they can’t handle TX summers!

  2. Hi Averill – You’re in Texas, huh? Too bad you have to miss out on hydrangeas. They’re so New England. My garden itself isn’t as impressive as the flowers suggest. Maybe in a few years… The plants are spread all around the perimeter of the house, but as they fill in, maybe they will be nice enough to feature. Thanks!

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