Covet: Green Chandelier

A nice note from Caroline Morson, owner of über upscale contemporary, but ever tasteful furniture showroom The Morson Collection in Boston:

“I was just reading on your blog all about your enthusiasm for green and thought you might enjoy this incredible chandelier from Barovier and Tosso. They are the oldest still family owned
hand blown glass factory in the isle of Murano. They are 700 years old and counting…that’s 20 generations! It comes in many different sizes and crystal colors, but this one is just



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6 Responses to Covet: Green Chandelier

  1. so beautiful….contemporary with an antique feel.
    i keep running across the most exquisite chandeliers!

  2. Takes my breath away. I adore green but this put’s it to a whole new level. And…to think they’ve been creating these lovelies for 20 generations; enough said.

  3. This is my favorite green – all the room images you pulled below are wonderful too. It’s such a healing, happy color. And this shade goes especially well with gold.

  4. jed merritt

    where can i buy this chandelier ?

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