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Montage: 24 Kitchens with Built-In + Hidden Microwaves

Lately I’ve been receiving a rash of press releases from appliance companies, like GE and Miele, as well as stores that deal in appliances, such as Home Depot and Tesco. Although I’m a fan of a great appliance (I love my Bosch dishwashers, for example),  I haven’t ever really covered that segment of the home market here. I probably won’t be doing thorough cross-comparisons of stainless steel refrigerators or ultra-quiet dishwashers any time soon, I can certainly showcase well-designed kitchens that display such appliances to perfection.

So let’s start with microwaves. The design of these 24 kitchens thoughtfully incorporate its microwave ovens. The microwaves are built-in beautifully, whether tucked into an island or stacked with a traditional oven, flush with the cabinetry. Other microwaves are hidden behind doors in dedicated appliance pantries, perhaps combined with a coffee station. I’m not sure I’d want to have to open a cabinet door every time I used my microwave.


J.A.S. Design-Build

I expected to spot the microwave behind the frosted glass barn door, but the microwave in this kitchen is in the island, just under the black countertop. That desk behind the barn door is nifty though.



This sleek IKEA kitchen lines the appliances on a  wall of walnut cabinetry that is oddly perpendicular to the island. Maybe it’s just for show.


Kitchen Architecture

This glossy white Bulthaup kitchen features an appliance garage and two wall ovens; I think one’s a microwave.


Sliding Door Company

Another kitchen in which the appliance wall is perpendicular to the  island. Check out the fridge? drawer at the bottom of the island too.


Better Homes & Gardens

Jade green kitchen cabinets with a microwave in a cabinet with a slide in door, as though it’s an armoire hiding a television. It’s the exact size of the microwave. What happens if it needs to be replaced and that model’s been discontinued?


Photo by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Smitten Studio

I love the brass pulls and expanse of marble, and the larger size of this built-in microwave oven.


Brayer Design    Photo by Nick Smith

Mini microwave in a tall black wood pantry cabinet, along with a toaster, and coffee maker.


Minosa Design    Photo by Simon Kenny

A thoroughly contemporary kitchen that hides everything, microwave included.


Project M+  •  Photo by Mimi Giboin

A compact plan, but the handle on the door of the microwave seems like it would impede usability at the counter.


Divine Design + Build

I like the look of all the compartments in this contemporary wood kitchen, but hide-and-seek comes with a price. Doesn’t it take that much more time to remember where the appliances are, and open and shut the cabinets?



The microwave in this kitchen, which is at once classic and a touch glam, is in a tall cabinet off to the side. I like how the appliances all sport a monochromatic brushed chrome finish.


Modern House Architects

A hard-working appliance wall. Seems efficient to me.


Alison Davin of Jute  •  Photo by Drew Kelly

Another microwave in a cabinet. The mixer display is lovely, but one can’t possibly create a batch of muffins in there.



The microwave in this classic white kitchen is on the front side of the island. Seems inconvenient.


via Zillow Digs

I love this pantry. But I think you’d have to get down on your knees to access that built-in microwave.


Jenna Sue Design

I like how this built-in microwave is completely flush with the island.


Design Dump

Apparently this built-in microwave is not a custom feature, but a DIY solution.


The Sky is the Limit Design

I love how large this cabinet is, and that the microwave has room to breathe.


Photo by Julian Wass for This Old House

Pretty blue cabinets and a convenient service area off to the side of the fridge.


Better Homes & Gardens

Microwave slotted into a tall cabinet. Doesn’t it get hot in there?


Wendy Johnson of Designs for Living    New England Home

Ah, this coffee station pulls out for ease of use.


Yvonne Eijkenduijn  

The microwave in this charming Nordic style kitchen is behind a clear glass door.


SHED Architecture & Design

The microwave is hidden, but it looks hard to use. That gray brick is cool though.


Photo by David Fenton for This Old House

Doesn’t the microwave get more use than the oven. Nobody pulls a door over that.

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S H O P  the  P O S T

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Montage: 15 Bathrooms With Porcelain Wood Effect Tiles

As I continue my search for bathroom tiles (not to mention a tasteful light fixture for over the mirror to replace the one that looks like it should be in a starlet’s dressing room),  I realize I’ve been seeing so many  wood effect tiles, that it deserved its own post.

I first noticed porcelain tiles that look like wood when the condo board of our building in Boston finally decided to redo our lobby. (It had what looked to be tiles you might find in a hospital, complete with tile baseboard.) Our upstairs neighbor brought a few samples as suggestions. We decided to use them, so the lobby now has tiles that give it a New England-y feel, with medium wood effect porcelain tiles, golden walls, and wood baseboards in creamy white. A huge improvement. (Now I need to get rid of the awful, elaborately framed mirror.)

While I likely won’t be using wood grained tiles in our Florida condo bathroom, as it isn’t a good match with the cork flooring in the rest of the place (though would be an improvement over the existing flesh-toned pink tiles), I think there are some great options. I particularly like the pale gray wood effect tiles, and the idea of doing an faux wood tile accent wall in the shower. Have a look at these 15 bathrooms with wood effect tiles.


Projekt Home


Creative Homebody


Jeff King and Co.


Stone Source


Planete Deco


DKOR Interiors


Home Adore




Vt Wonen


Stephani Buchman Photography


Better Homes & Gardens


Eliot Tuckerman Southeastern Custom Homes


Tanju Ozelgin


Beyond Homes

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Montage: 20 Bathrooms With Contrasting Tile Floors

Hopefully you’re not too overloaded with floor and rug posts. I want to forge ahead with all the Florida stuff while I’m focused on it. Last year we had the pink-tiled master bath (photo at the bottom of this bathroom tile post) reglazed in bright white. Very cost effective at $600 if you don’t mind the all white grout and tile look, which I don’t. They did the bathtub too. (Maybe I can have them in again so I don’t have to clean the rust stains.) But I still need new bathroom floor tile.

Unfortunately, they recommend against glazing the bathroom floor tile because it becomes glossy and thus too slippery. So, while we have pristine white walls and a white (if not slightly dirty) tub, we still have pale pink bathroom floor tiles and a pink sink in a pink Formica topped vanity. (More on that solution later this summer.) I’ve been browsing for inexpensive slip resistant tiles at Tiles4All, Overstock.com, Home Depot, and Wayfair. Other sourcing suggestions welcome.

On one hand, I’m tempted to do identical (but slightly textured) white square tiles with white grout on the floor, for the simplest look. On the other hand, I love a contrasting floor, and a color or pattern could be fun, especially if everything else is a consistent bright white. The other thought is to do big pieces of a natural stone, like slate, for a durable outdoorsy neutral effect. I’m taking ideas!

Here are 20 bathrooms with contrasting bathroom floor tiles.


Klopper + Davis Architects  •  Stylist Jo Carmichael  •  Photo by Jody D’arcy  • Inside Out


Gwen Hefner •   The Makerista  •  Home Depot’s The Apron Blog

tile-bath-blue-mosaic- alvhem-malkeri-interior

Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör


Hulburd Design


 House Beautiful


 Better Homes & Gardens


 Better Homes & Gardens


Ferm Living


Paola Navone  •  Photo by Wichmann + Bendtsen  •  Dwell


Murphy & Co Design


Cayono By Kaldewei




 Better Homes & Gardens


Elizabeth Roberts of Ensemble Architecture   •  Photo by Sean Slattery  •  Remodelista


DAP Stockholm   •  Photo by Ake E:son Lindman


Stylist Linda Bergroth/Viewmasters


A21 Studio


Capree Kimball  •  Curbly


Form Interior Design


De Meza + Architecture

•            •           •

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Montage: 24 Rooms with Cork Floors (Plus My Own)

The cork floors have been installed in our Florida condo! And the walls are all a bright, sparkly white. So happy. The cork floor is amazing. It feels good under my feet (it’s not squishy though, more like a pressboard with a coating, like you’d find as the backing of a picture frame, as unappealing as that sounds), cleans well, and looks cool.

I was worried that the 1’x3′ tiles would read too traditional, but the look is practically seamless. There are a number of manufacturers of cork tile out there, in different shapes, colors, and finishes, though I chose the plainest one possible. (I wouldn’t have minded a lighter color, but this is probably more practical.)

The cork floor has the funky, almost unfinished loft look of the plywood floor I had been contemplating, but is much better in terms of feel and durability. The price was very reasonable. They even installed new sharp-edged baseboards. I’m thrilled. Thanks to Steve Gee/Tiffany’s Flooring for doing an impeccable job.

Cork Floors In South Florida Condo

Photo by Marni Elyse Katz/StyleCarrot
New cork floor in Florida condo.

M O R E   C  O R K  F L O O R S



cork-floor-DISC Interiors-remodelista

DISC Interiors


Good Housekeeping


Real Cork Floors


This Old House  •  Photo by Susan Teare


Christina Simon  •  Apartment Therapy


Home Life  •  Photo by Richard Powers


Taalman Koch Architecture  •  Dwell  •  Photo by Lisa Romerein


Photo by Leela Cyd Ross

cork-floor-dwell-photo-Lisa Romerein-devis-purdy-house-stairs-living-room

Taalman Koch Architecture  •  Dwell  •  Photo by Lisa Romerein


Taalman Koch Architecture  •  Dwell  •  Photo by Lisa Romerein


Home Life  •  Photo by Richard Powers


Home Life  •  Photo by Richard Powers


Butler Armsden Architects


Tom Scheerer  •  Elle Decor •  Photo by William Waldron


Sunset Magazine


Real Cork Floors


Design Sponge


Design Sponge  •  Photo by Emily Gilbert


House & Home


Home Life  •  Photo by Richard Powers


Better Homes & Gardens


Real Cork Floors


Real Cork Floors

•             •              •

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Montage: Red, White & Blue Tablescapes

Every Fourth of July since I’ve been with my husband, we’ve celebrated with a beach picnic on the Cape., almost always at Corn Hill. He’s been doing it with his family and their friends and families for pretty much his whole life. We’ve brought a few of our friends in on it, who’ve brought their friends. It’s a really nice evening, and has a very small town, Americana kind of feel, which is of course fitting seeing how it’s July 4th and all.

It’s one of my kids’ favorite times of year, and not just because that’s the one day other than their birthdays that we let them have a soda. They love running around the beach as the sun goes down, and hiding behind the dunes with summer friends. I always bring tons of S’mores makings and dole them out once the kids have roasted marshmallows on giant sticks. And then there’s the fireworks.

Over the years I’ve collected some festive Fourth of July accoutrements, including a bandana beach blanket that I got my sister to make. We always seem to have an abundance of little American flags on wooden dowels too (maybe my father-in-law buys them at the hardware store… not sure). The newest addition to the Fourth of July decorations is a red and white striped tablecloth by LinenMe.

LinenMe is a third generation family business that makes towels, bed sheets, towels, scarves, and throws from high quality Lithuanian linen, which is natural and hypoallergenic. The company’s publicist sent me a linen tablecloth to try tout. It’s strong but soft, and has a really nice feel. I will be bringing it to Corn Hill with me on Friday for our Fourth of July celebration.

I played around with the LinenMe tablecloth last week before I came back to Boston for a few days. It would look great draped over a wood table too. Here are a few photos of the linen tablecloth with some nautical-themed letterpress coasters I picked up at the Kennebunkport Festival last month, plus one of these American flags, some dishware, and wine. (You may have already seen them on my Instagram feed.)

In addition to my mini tablescapes, I’ve pulled together a dozen other red, white, and blue tabletop schemes for Fourth of July entertaining inspiration.




Marni Elyse Katz for StyleCarrot


Styled by Emily Rudda   •  Tou Jours


Tori Spelling/EdiTORIal  •  David Tsay Photography  •  Redbook


Jenny Steffens Hobick for Taste: Williams-Sonoma blog


Hi Sugarplum!


Charles Schiller Photography  •  Martha Stewart

johnny-miller-for-martha-sewart -july-4th

Johnny Miller Photography  •  Martha Stewart




Beverly Farrington  •  Laurey W. Genn Photography  •  Southern Living




 Taylor Made Weddings  •  Photo Love Stories  •  The Frosted Petticoat


Chelsea Fuss for Project Wedding


A Thoughtful Place

•           •          •

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