Montage: Fall Tablescapes for Thanksgiving

We’ll be spending a blissfully low key Thanksgiving at home this year, free of travel and extended family dynamics (not that there’s much drama, but still, there’s something to be said to sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner in one’s pajamas).

It will just be the four of us, with a turkey prepared by my handy kitchen husband. While I love the idea of creating an earthy and modern Thanksgiving table, I won’t put in much effort since I’ll spend this spare time working rather than playing. (I will however be styling a home bar for Absolut, so stay tuned for that in the next few days.)

Just because I can’t muster the time and motivation to style a creative Thanksgiving table, doesn’t mean I don’t love to look at them. (Pulling tablescapes from Pinterest takes much less energy after all.)

I’ve been perusing Pinterest for fall tablescapes for a blog post I did for Fall River, MA-based bedding brand Matouk. Since they make beautiful linens as well as (the most comfortable) sheets, we do a fair number of tablescape stories. Recently, my Matouk co-blogger Meredith Barnett met up with Boston interior designer Gary McBournie to learn how to fold a napkin, which you should definitely check out. You can also find all sorts of how to set the table infographics on my “For Your Information” Pinterest board.

Get the Look: Marimekko Tableware for Thanksgiving

Each Monday  for the next three weeks I will post a Marimekko Holiday Gift Guide. Yesterday’s installment covered Marimekko gifts for the host. Today is a bonus post featuring three different colorways for setting a Marimekko Thanksgiving table. Of course, these schemes work beautifully year round. Most of the pieces in Marimekko tableware collections mix and match rather well.


Blue + Taupe + Marigold

1 Socks Rolled Down Tumblers, $39/pair

Saapaivakirja Dinner Plate, $45

3 Kranssi Runner, $45

4 Oiva Small Square Plate, $17

Socks Rolled Down Stemware, $45

6 Socks Rolled Down Tumblers, $39/pair

Kuusikossa Plywood Tray, $38.50

+   +   +   +   +



Red + White + Black

Sääpäiväkirja Small Bowl, $24

2  Lumimarja Tablecloth, $198

3 Hauki Plywood Tray, $63

Siirtolapuutarhan Plate, $38.50

5 Socks Rolled Down Stemware, $45

6  Oiva Salad Plate, $25

+   +   +   +   +


Green + White + Gray

1 Kaiku Tea Towel Set, $36

2 Mini-Unikko Plywood Tray, $38.50

Oiva Dinner Plate, $32 & Salad Plate, $25

4 Socks Rolled Down Serving Platter, $169

Socks Rolled Down Glass Pitcher, $89

Päärynä Cotton Fabric, $49.27

7 Lumimarja Pillow Sham, $45