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Design Diary: Lineage Restaurant by Sheffield Interiors

My lovely dear friends, Alison and Stephen Sheffield of Sheffield Interiors recently redesigned the restaurant Lineage in Brookline, Mass., right on the heels of designing the new lounge-y Boston bar, The Hawthorne. (Unfortunately I don’t have photos of The Hawthorne, but it’s a great place to hang out, and if you go, you’ll probably see Alison and Steve.)

With a color palette of ocean grays, glass lanterns, faux bois fabric, and vintage nautical inspired artwork (including a vintage paint-by-numbers harbor scene), Lineage’s decor is calm, sophisticated, and comfortable. The inspiration for the space came from Chef Jeremy Sewall’s family lineage in Brookline and his hometown of York, Maine, where many of his relatives are full-time lobstermen and fishermen.

 Photos by Mike Diskin



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