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Site Spotlight: Modern Clocks at Purely Wall Clocks

Australian retailer and StyleCarrot partner Purely Wall Clocks offers a huge range of clocks—they offer over 250 clock designs.

Most are modern wall clocks though there are also a number of retro clock designs too. My favorites are the Scandinavian inspired minimalist designs, as well as the highly graphic black and white clocks. The site also features a number of oversize, large scale wall clocks.

Here’s a sampling of modern clocks from Purely Wall Clocks:

Scandinavian Style White + Wood Clocks

Modern Scandinavian Style Wall Clocks

Scandinavian style clocks feature natural materials such as pale wood as well as reclaimed wood, both paired with white. There are ball clock styles, cut lattice work designs, round clocks in solid frames, and even wall clocks shaped like houses.

Graphic Black + White Clocks

Modern Black & White Wall Clocks

Taking cues from school or office clock designs, one might think graphic black and white clocks would be the most straightforward, but maybe not. Some of these clocks have fun with numbers, dashes, and blank space.

Modern Multicolor Rainbow Clocks

Modern Multicolor Wall Clocks

It’s never to early to teach kids to tell time, the old fashioned way. These multi-color wall clocks are super fun for playrooms or nurseries. A color for every number, or just plain mayhem.

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